Inspiration during commute

In case you hadn’t realized, inspiration plays a massive part in success. If you’re inspired by your job, it’s like a fire in your belly. You look forward to getting to work and putting your plans into action.

The hours pass by in a blur because you’re so involved with what you’re doing. And, before you know it, it’s time to go home. Isn’t that the stuff career dreams are made of?

Sadly, this isn’t a reality for everyone. Even those in careers they love have periods where inspiration is hard to come by. And, when that happens, those fast days slow down. Your mood, and performance can even start to suffer.

The good news is, there are a variety of ways to seek inspiration when it deserts you. And, what better place to find that fix than on your morning commute?

There’s nothing quite like getting yourself fired up on the way to work. Of course, your choices are limited this way. But, there’s a multitude of inspirational sources you can access using nothing more than a wifi connection and your phone. And, we’re going to look at a few of them in this post.

Morning commute inspiration

Podcasts are an amazing and easy way to find inspiration. These are ideal for those who drive to work. Forget listening to the radio sometimes, sit back and listen to a podcast.

There are many inspirational options out there, so do your research to find one which suits. Fire Nation is worth a mention. It includes gems like this interview with Joe Kashurba, and is ideal for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Or, you could head for a more generally inspiring option, like Inspirational Living. This listening experience can help you get in touch with your inner-strength. Give it a go, and see how much listening to one of these can change your experience each day.

For the subway takers out there, a commute is an ideal time to catch up on the latest blog posts from your favorites which of course should include Zinny Factor!

I’m guessing you are reading this during your commute as well haha.

I’ve spoken before about inspirational bloggers, and each of these would make for fantastic morning reading from a business perspective. It can also really help to read blogs from people in the same career as you.

For example, Constitutional Daily would be the perfect read for lawyers. By comparison, Melissa Dinwiddie’s blog is perfect for the artists out there. Whatever your career, there’s sure to be a blog for you. Get searching, and read your finds each morning.

Industry News
It’s also worth checking the news on your phone each morning. This is especially useful if it’s to do with your chosen field. Heading to sources such as the New York Times website allows you to search specific categories to find relevant stories.

You never know, breaking news in some sector of your industry could spark that next big idea. Plus, it’s always good to be clued up on business news. You never know when you might need to pull those facts and figures out of the bag.

So share with me below, how do you stay inspired during your morning commute? I love it when I hear back from you so please drop a comment below.

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