Do you think your morning routine affects the rest of your day?

If you answered yes to that, that makes us both.

I seem to feel that my morning routine affects the rest of my day, and if that’s the case, then I should be able to work well around the clock to make the most of the day.

I am not a perfectionist whatsoever but I’ve found some things useful and I’ll be sharing that in this post. If you happen to have more suggestions, please feel free to share with me and other readers in the comment section. I would really appreciate it.

Here are tips to save time during your morning routine before work, it’ll also help you have a more productive day on a regular basis.

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1. Don’t snooze the alarm

I have friends who are so used to waking up early. Their eyes just open up when it’s 5:00 AM. I wish this was the case for me, but I love my sleep so much and if I were left to decide, I’ll sleep all morning. But let’s be realistic -this isn’t going to be the case, at least on work days!

So, I have to make use of an alarm. But sometimes I become the queen of the snooze button!

Several times I snooze the alarm and end up waking up so late because I most likely overslept and probably didn’t hear the alarm ring again. I keep deluding myself thinking that an extra 10 minutes of sleep would be just enough.

The truth is this: it never is!

To prevent this, sit-up to stay awake. If this doesn’t work, pick up your phone or tablet and try to surf the internet for some minutes. You’d feel less sleepy and can go about your day much faster. This second option works better for me. Be careful and don’t spend so much time on the internet.

2. Shower should be timed

I am not much of a morning person, honestly. I spent most of my teenage years in the school hostel where I had to wake up early and adhere to timing and instructions, but even at that, I am not the best at morning routines.

Somehow, I’ve been able to adapt hostel timings to my life and so I try to practice that. When I don’t want to be lazy and I have less time at hand, then shower has to be timed!

I’d brush and bath in the shower/ bath as opposed to using the sink to brush only. Doing this will save you more time since you’ll be doing both in just one location.

Also, if you have to shampoo and condition your hair in the morning; you can start out by washing your hair, applying conditioner, scrubbing your body, and then rinsing your head and body from head to toe.

This method saves a lot of time, and water too.

Everything should be done within at least 10 minutes. If you still find it difficult to do, you can set a timer (you can make use of your phone).

3. Get everything sorted the night before

Actually, if you can, try to get everything sorted on weekends. But, the truth is, this can be pretty much demanding, let’s be real!

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There are some weekends where all you want to do is be a couch potato -by all means, be one! If you relaxed all weekend, a better way to save time is to prepare all you need for work, the night before.

Iron out clothes, sort them out, tidy up or clean out your handbag/ briefcase. Sort out your meal for the next day. I always have ziploc bags in my house to pack up breakfast. Usually, breakfast for me is a sandwich, pastries, or cereal. You can have a mug at work too, to make tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

The next thing you should do is to take all the stuff you packed for work and keep them together. You don’t want to rush out the next day and leave anything behind.

4. There should be a place for everything

You need to get your space more organized. This saves a few minutes or more, especially if you are like me that needs to rush out to catch the bus or train for a particular time.

There should be a place for your keys, gloves, scarves, bag, hair brush, jacket, phone, and so on. This is so important. When you leave and come back home every day, you should ensure you drop these things at the right place. You don’t want to get agitated when you realize that you can’t find your keys in the morning on your way out, simply because you left it in your pocket the day before.

You’d feel silly when you eventually find it. And trust me, you’d have wasted a lot of time looking for it.

So, make a place for everything now -especially your phone, wallet, and keys!

5. Commute time is time for breakfast (and hair brushing or other touch ups)

I try to pack up breakfast and lunch the night before so that I am better organized. If I must have my breakfast warm, I usually heat it up in the microwave and extend the timing so that it’s still a bit warm when I am ready to go out. I do this before I jump into the washroom to have a bath.

The best time to have my breakfast is when I am commuting. I’m still figuring out how to do my make-up at this time -on the road.

I can’t figure out why I still ensure to do this at home but I really have to change this behavior because I think it wastes my time a bit. I also started using very little or no make-up lately to prevent wasting time and that has been helpful.

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You can also listen to your favorite radio station or podcast at this time.

These are a few tips to help you utilize time spent on your morning routines before work. I hope you find them useful.

How do you save time in the morning? I need more hacks, if possible, and I’m sure other readers would appreciate your suggestions. Please share below in the comment section.

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