Many workers struggle with finding the right balance between work and their personal life. Do you also struggle with this?

How can we find happiness at work or in our personal lives if we don’t put in the effort?

Many of us focus way too much on work and forget about our personal lives, families, or friends. Some other people do the exact opposite, focusing more on their personal lives and forgetting to spend quality time on their jobs. This could create negative long lasting consequences in either case.

While you may really love your job, it could be so difficult to assign time for other personal and family responsibilities which is quite understandable in today’s world. That explains why I’ve published some posts in the past on work-life balance. Some people believe it’s a myth as well.

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Sometimes, I have the urge to think that there can’t be a perfect ‘balance’ between work and personal life. But I am also of the view that there should be some commitment to achieve some sort of balance. I am also of the opinion that strategies to achieve this ‘balance’ could change from time to time, depending on contingencies.

Some people call this: work-life blend.

In a study done by Accenture, it was discovered that having a good work-life balance is the key to a successful career.

In recent times, celebrities have influenced our personal lives in one way or another. So I thought to share some insight on what some of these celebrities have said in the past, to learn one or two things from them. Celebrities tend to have a busy career and schedule; it’ll be nice to know how they juggle achieving a balance.

The next time you feel frantic about your role as a worker and maybe a father, mother, sister, brother, or spouse, I hope you remember these celebrities and try to apply one or two of their approach to work-life balance.

  1. Barack Obama 

In 2014, the former president of the United States in the first-ever White House Summit on Working families particularly emphasized on the role of a father in balancing work and family life.

According to him;

“Too often, these issues are thought of as women’s issues, which I guess means you can kind of scoot them aside a little bit, but anything that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families, and makes life harder for children. This is about you too, men.”

That explains why the former president was recently seen spending quality time on vacation with Richard Branson, and of course, his family. The British billionaire delightedly released a video and other gorgeous photos of him and Obama taking on the glorious Ole English tradition of kitesurfing.

The former president is no longer in office and deemed it important to experience those lost days of relaxation.

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This shows that we should spend the most time on our vacations and ensure we have a wonderful one indeed. So go ahead and prepare for your next vacation! Bring out the best from your vacation and spend time with loved ones and family.

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo is one of my favorite American actor and film producers, if not my best. In fact, I was so excited when he finally won his first Oscar in 2016 for Best Actor, because it was a long time coming. And so many people will agree with me.

According to Leo, in an interview;

“I’ve been very lucky to have achieved a lot of the things that I dreamt of achieving as a young man, but, at the end of the day – and I truly believe this – it is not about achieving great wealth or success. Because they don’t bring happiness ultimately. They really don’t. What matters is whether or not you’ve fulfilled the idea of having led an interesting life, whether you’ve contributed in some way to the world around you.’

To sum it up, finding the time to spend on other passions outside of your regular job can also give some form of work-life balance. No wonder Leo spends a lot of time on environmental campaigns and he established his environmental foundation in 1998.

In other words, work-life balance may be achieved when you take out the focus from you and show love to humanity. It could be your friends, family, or strangers.

3. Giuliana Rancic

Rancic has always been very open about her life and if you watched her reality show ‘Giuliana & Bill’, you’d know what I’m talking about. I was a huge fan of the show while it was still airing (especially the first few seasons).

The Fashion Police and E! News host has been very open with sharing her battle with breast cancer, to her struggles with fertility, and so on.

She admits that it can be pretty difficult to balance her career, work, and personal life. Her solution to this in her words to Fashion magazine goes:

“What I do now is that when I’m at work, I’m 100 percent focused on work. I return all my emails. I don’t just sit there and surf the Internet like before, and when I’m home, I would focus 100 percent on Duke and put the phone away…that way I would feel a little more of a balance.”

Like it or not, Rancic is an inspiration to many, and the fact that she tries her best to give attention to everything going around her life is worth applauding.

What I’ve learned from this is that, depending on the type of job you do, and how demanding it can be, you can choose to pay so much attention to it, knowing at the back of your mind that at a particular time of the day, you’d give way for the other.

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This will probably apply more to people in very high demanding jobs or position.

4. Tia Mowry

The ‘Sister, Sister’ star, mom, and entrepreneur admits that balancing her family and her projects can be difficult, but it’s all about prioritizing. Did you also watch her reality show with her twin, ‘Tia & Tamera’ when it was still airing?

I watched so may reality shows back in the days, but these days, I relax watching more of movies or drama series.

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In a Q&A with VIBE, Tia shared:

“The number one key is to prioritize. I’m a mother and wife first because family is important to me, and a part of having a balanced life is not feeling guilty about taking care of yourself.”

She also shared the words of a woman she had met who told her:

“You have to take care of the goose, in order for the goose to lay the egg.”

Tia explains that she has taken this advice to heart and tries to make time for self-care so that she is better equipped to give the most to both her family and career.

So even when your job at a particular time may be so demanding, it’ll be great to set your priorities right at that time. The next thing should be to complete your tasks and at the right time pay attention to yourself afterward.

How do you know the right time?

It’s all about setting your priorities right, knowing what should come first at a certain time, and ensuring that you are intentional in your acts.

I hope these celebrities and their words inspire you to find the right ways to balance out your work and life in general. From time to time, I may write up more articles on celebrities.

If you’d want to read similar posts to this, please let me know. Also, let me know if you enjoyed this article, and don’t forget to share it as well.

Which celebrity among this list has inspired you more to take actions concerning your work-life balance? Please share below.

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