Did you think I wouldn’t come up with a valentine inspired post?

Hehehe… this may be a workplace and human resources blog, but you all know that I can be laid back here and jovial. We need to always emphasize the importance of our humanity and act like one as well.

So yes, I have this crisp and short valentine post for you! Let the drums roll!

For me, Valentine has always been celebrated in one way or the other. When I was much younger and couldn’t be in a relationship, my mother would gift me on valentine’s day, and I would reciprocate no matter how little.

So I guess it’s safe to say that Valentine’s day shouldn’t be about intimacy or romance only. It’s a time to spend with loved ones in whatever way you deem fit. This makes me celebrate Valentine’s week as opposed to the day.

Quite frankly, these past years, I’ve been celebrating Valentine with friends and family in spontaneous ways. Going out for a quick run, taking a break, screaming my heart out on a roller coaster, and of course, eating to my soul’s content. Everyone knows I am a foodie (I just eat with caution, though).

On social media, I have seen so many posts and most have been emphasizing that valentine’s day should be spent with your lover. While this may be somewhat true because of the history behind the day, it may not necessarily be correct, because the saint who is behind this celebration (valentine’s day) was the one who was thrown in jail and sentenced to death. It is not the couples he married that are martyred.

If you are unsure about the history behind Valentine’s day, you can read all about it here or here.

If you also support the notion that Valentine should be spent taking care of yourself and showing love to family and loved ones, then keep reading this article. I don’t believe it should be tied down to being in a relationship, being married, or staying lonely if single. Hell no!

Since Valentine’s day happens to fall on a work day this year, The Food Disciple and I are excited to share this quick and easy food recipe perfect for the workplace. I would have this for breakfast, but it can also work well as your lunch.

It’s Plantain Patty!

Plantain Patty
Photo Credit: The Food Disciple

If you would rather spend Valentine with a loved one, then you can also treat him/ her to this fantastic meal. They’d love you even more if you send them this meal to have at their workplace. It also won’t be a bad idea to share this meal with colleagues at work, only if they are comfortable with taking food from you.

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Here are a few reasons why I recommend this meal.

  1. It takes barely 15 minutes to prepare
  2. It’s so unique and is great for a change
  3. Plantains are so tasty
  4. It’s Valentine and it will be a wonderful idea to have this Puerto Rican inspired meal
  5. You can have this as a side dish.

Now it’s time for you to bring out your apron and oven mitts. To read the full recipe, please click here. You can also go to the header of this blog and search for ‘food’ to discover other workplace inspired recipes.

Photo Credit: The Food Disciple

Will you try out this recipe? If you think you can’t try this out on valentine’s day, it’s okay to try it any other time of the week or month. February is a month to show love to everyone around you, even at work!

Also, how will you be spending valentine’s day?

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