No doubt, I love human resources and I derive so much joy from writing articles through my experience and things I have encountered or noticed over time.

If you are a young entrepreneur, business owner; small or mid-sized, in the management group, or a fresh recruiter looking out for ways to expand and grow your business, then this post is for you.

At some point or the other, you’d need to grow your team and what better way than hiring top talents who share in your dream and vision? This is a topic I am really emotional about because some businesses have failed to hire the best talent out of sheer ignorance. There are several consequences for failing to hire the right person for a job.

It could result to waste of time; and time is so precious to every business, resources, money on maybe adverts or paying a recruiter. All these and more could result in loss and trust me, no company wants to loose in any way!

You certainly don’t want to hire a candidate and find out that it was a big mistake because this particular candidate knows absolutely nothing about your business or what the company stands for.

There are several things to keep in mind when trying to hire, retain, and improve talent. So much emphasis on ‘retain’, because it’s a two-way matter.

On one hand, you want to have the right fit for the job and on the other part, this candidate should be happy to be in that job and should feel useful in that position.

I thought that with the rise of so many entrepreneurs and business owners these days, it’ll be a good topic to touch on.

Improving or developing talent for your organization simply means that you can see the future, project skills that will be useful in the future, and then prepare your employees for any eventuality.

A talent is someone who demonstrates both high performance and high potential for your company and on the job.

how to improve talents in the workplace

Here are ways to improve talent in your workplace:

Have a plan in place for proper recruitment

Like I said earlier, it all starts with the recruitment process. You should have a proper plan in place to attract the right candidate who will be willing and ready to take upon future challenges when they arise.

It’s not enough to develop aptitude tests and give to candidates or ask random and regular interview questions. You should ask questions that show whether this candidate will be willing to take up challenging tasks. Ask meaningful questions because the world is dynamic and business strategies may change over time.

Will this candidate be prepared? Is this candidate ready to learn new things? Is this candidate looking out for challenges on the job? Will this candidate be docile? These are a few things to consider when preparing recruitment strategies and plans.

Provide your employees with tools needed for their success

Over time, your employee will become familiar with your business process and this is where it may be important to train them for other tasks that they may encounter. It’s also important to train them for higher positions.

Personally, I believe that no employee should know everything about a job because it may result to lack of motivation since there is nothing new to look out for. This is why when recruiting, you would look out for a candidate that may have previous experience, but won’t be overqualified for the job. You just need the right fit and someone who would be mentally challenged and willing to learn more.

If the job is a repetitive one, look out for other ways to make the job more interesting. Maybe add to the job description that this employee should support other departments every once in a while.

Organize training, seminars, or workshops that prepare employees for other responsive roles. This will help make the worker feel more valued and ready to take up on other important roles that may come up in a case of emergency. This is good for your business no matter how small because it will help in its growth.

The importance and value of learning cannot be overemphasized.

Carry out regular reviews and provide feedback

You would improve talent in your business when you are able to review performance on a regular basis. This will let them know areas that need improvement in case they never noticed, and keep them on their feet to do even better. Also, this aids in good communication which is a good workplace culture.

Would you try to improve talent in your workplace and how do you plan to do so? I hope you can see that it’s really important to do so.