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When I was in secondary school (high school), I changed my handwriting more than twice. Or I probably felt I did. I remember having a rough, scruffy handwriting back then and it was so terrible to read, even for me.

One day, during our break period at school, I was having a conversation with my friend on how I needed an after-school teacher to tutor me in maths because, oh boy, my maths was terrible and I was seriously struggling! It still is but right now, we can say that I have an upper hand.

The conversation I had that fateful day would go on to change the rest of my life. This was in my third year in school. We call this JSS 3 in Nigeria and I was also planning ahead for my junior certification exams.

She told me that she had a great tutor that was really helpful and he would be willing to get me on board. As at that time, he was looking out for better opportunities but enjoyed teaching.

I spoke to my parents and they were fine with the idea, after all, they had tried to help me to no avail. But maybe someone who was better at explaining numbers and figures would do a better job. *haha*

After negotiations were in place and a calendar had been set, he started tutoring me in maths, biology, and one more subject. His name was Mr. Chucks if my memory serves me right. Till date, I still think he is the best tutor I’ve ever had. Writing about this at this time is seriously giving me goosebumps and a nostalgic feeling of how awesome he was.

It’s a shame we’ve lost contact and I’ve also lost contact with my friend who referred him. He got a full-time petrochemical engineering job and had to quit teaching me.

What does your writing say about your personality 2

Anyway, the first day he got to my house he started complaining of my handwriting. It was that bad!

The next day he bought me a handwriting note and every day we would spend an hour working on my handwriting alone before we get into other subjects. It was practice, practice, practice. His handwriting was the best ever, at least to me back then. Very legible and clear. Well written. You’d think it was typed and I would daydream all way wishing I could get that close to writing like him.

After consistent and compulsory handwriting classes, my handwriting improved tremendously and my mother was really impressed because everyone had been complaining. *haha* Noone could read my notes in the past without squinting.

As I kept moving forward academically, I would become so amazed of other different writing styles and patterns of my classmates. It’s somewhat marveling when you see some handwritings.

If you are an ardent reader of Zinny Factor, you’d know that I am always in support of handwritten notes, and it inspired this post on productivity and several other posts on the blog.

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So I was extremely excited when I discovered this lovely post on handwritings and how it can affect your personality.

Just like our fingerprints, our handwritings are also so unique. I still think that I maintained some certain ways of writing even after learning to write better. I just had to learn to write in between the lines here and there, make some minor adjustments, remember to cross my ‘t’s and write legibly.

The letter sizing, dots, crosses, curves, and spacing when writing all have a role to play in your personality. When I was reading the article, I couldn’t help but say to myself more than once: “wow, this is certainly me!”

You should check out the article, it also has an infographic and you’ll totally love it. It will also help you learn more about yourself and you can then discover new ways to react to things at the workplace since you’ll be better informed.

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Is it just me, or do you find that you write differently when you are in a rush or writing much faster? So maybe compare both when reading the article.  

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