At the beginning of this year, one of my planned posts for the year, precisely the 1st of January was: how to be happy. I felt it was vague. I knew that I’d have to tweak the topic a bit. At least I had to be specific to an extent. And that aside, I realized that I hadn’t published an inspirational article in a while.

It was going to be the 1st of January, a new year and what better way to start the year than put up an inspiring post, right?

But somehow, I didn’t. I still can’t phantom why and I have no concrete explanation or reason.

To some extent I want to believe that I wasn’t really inspired or moved to write one at that time. Quite frankly, sometimes I make plans on a particular post, I try to plan ahead, but if I am not in the mood to write about that topic or lack inspiration, then I find it really difficult to go ahead with it.

I blank out or sometimes I go ahead with a different post idea entirely. I have tons of drafts waiting to be completed, but that’s a post for another day.

Today, which is very unusual for me, in the middle of the day, I just had this beautiful drive to talk about happiness. So yes, it was indeed time for a blogging spree and a little chat about happiness.

I have written posts in the past like  13 great ways to stay happy at work and how to not be bored at work, and I have reasons to believe that they are all intertwined with happiness in one way or another.

I don’t want to readily relate this post solely to the workplace because I just believe that being happy and making a conscious effort to be happy on its own is related to every other aspect of our lives  -Our family, relationships, business, and so on. And of course, work.

Whether you choose to believe this or not is a debate for another day.

In today’s post, I don’t intend to give facts that show the importance or benefits of being happy. Why?

It’s because so many of us already know that it’s wise to be happy. To stay happy. Of course, except if a person is a sadist ( and that’s just a different ball game).

The problem is this: most people just find it difficult to try. Most people don’t know how to begin. It’s difficult. It’s a struggle. And this explains the rise in depression in today’s society.

Sometimes I wonder how some people have everything a reasonable person may want in life and yet still remain unhappy. The answer is plain simple, there’s some form of unhappiness and you really can’t blame them.

Sometime in the past, I had a phone chat with some friends and the result of that chat was simple:

  • You can’t blame anyone for being unhappy. They may not be able to control their actions.
  • They may not be around people who can help them out of that feeling and burden of sadness
  • They don’t have the tools or resources readily available to them

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed me throwing up quotes here and there that have some relation to being happy. Inspiring articles go a long way in springing up that happy feel if you ask me.

A few years ago, I made a new friend who pointed out to me how uncheerful I was (a few people had noted this out to me in the past, to be honest). I hadn’t noticed because I was probably in an uncheerful circle to start with.

Years would go by and I would later realize how my life could turn around just by changing my lifestyle and becoming friends with a positive person.

If you are going through some challenges, constantly battling with staying happy, noticing more of low spirit in your lifestyle or what you call “mood swings”, let me share with you top habits that have led me to more happiness.

5 habits that lead to more happiness 2

  1. Try to see the good in every situation

This may appear impossible until you try.

You’d have bad days, and you’d have good days because you are human. On good days, you’d shout out loud, call family, friends, dance to your heart’s content, and break the good news to them. If you are a blogger, you’d most likely write a blog post to share with your online friends.

But on bad days you’d keep shut, maybe complain, and feel so unhappy. Why? Most likely because you checked your account balance and you noticed that your chequing or savings account had dropped. Or that you still owed some credit. Or because your boss was rude to you. Or because you have been trying to change jobs and somehow again, you failed another interview. And the list goes on.

If you take the bus or subway, you’d totally forget that that day was a special day for you because you got a seat and didn’t have to stand. You forget that it wasn’t a rainy day and even if it was, you had your umbrella with you. You forget that you got to work at least a minute early. If you drive, you’d completely forget that there was less traffic that day and hey, you didn’t get missing.

You totally forget that someone was kind enough to open and shut the door after you. You forget that, yes, you may not have enough savings but at least you don’t owe rent and you have food to eat. Food someone somewhere would appreciate better. And you also forget that the job you presently have is one of the contributing factors that led to an interview in the first place. You forget that you at least had someone to share the ‘bad day experience’ with and this person consoled you.

There is a lot of good to take out of a bad experience no matter how little. I’ve learned that over and over again.

2. Now be thankful/ grateful

Just be thankful for the good experience you gained out of whatever bad experience. Find a way to make it positive and write about it. I recently started out a tradition of writing out a thankful list for each month of the year and I am looking at writing a weekly one -although it’ll be more personal and private. Happiness is a personal decision. It’s for your soul. To be healthy, you need to start from within. Little conscious efforts go a long way

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You need to learn to be humble, to be grateful, or thankful. Think of yourself less but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think of yourself at all. If you constantly think of what you haven’t been able to achieve because of some deadlines or goals you set, you may never be able to find things to be thankful for. Rely on the fact that you at least tried hard enough to reach that goal. You can also extend your time frame. It’s totally okay!

Kids are always happy because they have no clue about what’s going on and they are just so happy for the goodies their parents give to them -imagine you give a child cookies and he or she never requested for one initially.

3. Find a distraction

Once you start feeling unhappy, moody, or sad find a distraction. I cook, bake, clean, watch movies, exercise, fold clothes, or iron when I notice the slightest hint of unhappiness for whatever reason.

I love cleaning, so it’s usually one of my go-to options because it’s so distracting and I get to see a cleaner space when I am done; that’s refreshing for me. Sometimes boredom leads to an unhappy feeling so keep yourself busy and positively distracted.

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Also, because of the type of music I love to listen to, I find that listening to music may not be the best of ideas at this point because I can be so deep and lyrical when listening to music *haha*. So you may want to watch out for that. Don’t listen to music that may move you to tears and worsen your situation.

But, I’ve also noticed that listening to some good old songs uplifts my spirit. It’s quite tricky. It’s left for you to know your limits.

And if you are at work feeling all gloomy, it goes a long way to take a walk and just stretch your body. Get some fresh air and sunlight. It can be so relaxing.

4. Never celebrate a problem

Often times people tend to celebrate problems and like the saying goes: “misery loves company.”

Yes, you’d definitely find someone willing to talk about how bad his/her life or day is. And the both of you may even go on further to deliberate on whose problem is worse.

This will only worsen your state and keep you feeling miserable and unhappy for a longer period of time. Try to keep a positive and can-do spirit. No problem is ever worth celebrating, that’s why it’s a problem! Rather, think of practical ways to solve the problem.

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Your mantra should be to only celebrate success. And at this point, please don’t forget to give yourself a treat no matter how little. Go out and have some fun!

5. Read inspiring quotes or articles

Visit blogs that inspire you. Look out for inspiring authors or personalities and let them motivate you. Inspiration can be found anywhere online. You can also look out for inspiring books or movies and feel uplifted.

I am so guilty of this, I tend to do this subconsciously. I search for quotes; I am in love with deep meaningful quotes that keep me thinking in a positive direction. It goes beyond who wrote the post but goes in great depth to the words and its true meaning to you. There are several ways different people may read meanings into the same words. It’s left for you to make your own meaning out of it.

And if you have a religion, some form of spirituality could also help with keeping you happy: mentally and psychologically.

Bonus Point

As an addition, it’s equally important to be in the right group/ circle. Make friends that you can share your feelings with and feel comfortable around. Friends that inspire you to be a better person. Friends that don’t celebrate problems. We all need positive people around us at all times.

What ways do you ensure that you stay happy and uplifted at all times? Are you someone that has mood swings sometimes, how do you solve it? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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