The year is moving pretty much fast already! It’s the 4th of January. So far, I must say that this year has been good to me on my end. Every day something amazing happens, so I’m staying positive and hoping that this year goes on fine for me. How about you? How has the year been for you so far? I hope well?

Activities have been popping up here and there for me and I might have noticed a few slow time lags in keeping up to my goals but not to worry, I’m striving to stick to my deadlines and all. How is it going at your end? Have you been successful with your goals or have you wasted these few days? haha*

I saw a post on Instagram yesterday and I noticed some people complaining about how they feel they have wasted these few days in 2017. I hope this is not your story -at least as a Zinny Factor reader!

Let’s motivate each other. If you notice any setbacks at all and you need someone to encourage you and work with you or whatever, I’m always available for new projects and teamwork. Holla at your girl hey!

I received an email from a reader and I would be sharing the email with you and giving my two cents advice on the topic. I’d love for you to also share your opinions and suggestions on the topic. I’ll also share part of the email on Facebook and Instagram to know your opinions via social media as well, and I’ll update this post if I get feedbacks from you.

Here it goes;

“Hi Zinny,

I hope you are doing well? First, I love your blog. It’s very inspirational to me and I am happy to know that there is a blog that deals on work issues and feels so real.

I am not sure if you answer questions publicly but I would like to know your opinion and those of other readers.

I got a new job last year and after about 11 months I got promoted. Honestly, it took hardwork, efforts, and being open about options I considered in the organization.

Everything seems to be going on well. I love my job so much and I also have the time to involve myself in other passions on weekends. My question is this; now that I have gotten a promotion and everything seems to be going on well, what next?”



“Dear reader,

I would love to say congratulations on your promotion. I’m extremely happy for you especially because you got the promotion as soon as possible.

To start with, I’ll be happy to share this with readers because from your email you’ve shared that being open with management may help get desired results. Hard work goes a long way, but good communication with decision makers is equally important.

As for my opinion, I’ll share below:

1. Get clear expectations

It’ll be great to understand what is expected of you in your new role. You weren’t explicit so I don’t know if you are conversant with the new role. It’ll be great for you to be certain of what is expected of you and also what you expect from the role (personal goals or accomplishments).

Try to picture the future in this new role. Where will you be in a few years through this role? Is that your desired career path? Would it still give you the opportunity to attend to your passions like you said? It appears your passions also give you joy alongside your regular job.

2. Try to build relationships

I’m not certain if you were promoted within or outside your department or to a different branch entirely, but it’ll also be a good idea to create new relationships with your new team. Get to know them better as this will help with good working relationships. It will also help with effective communication. Remember, some of this may need time but be open to relationships.

3. Put your best into the new role

I am sure I don’t need to say this as you come across as a determined person with so much focus. But I’ll just add this for anyone reading this since you’d love to share. It’ll be great to put effort into meaningful objectives for your new role and create a win-win atmosphere.

4. Negotiate your salary

Your email didn’t exactly state if your new role has new benefits or an increase attached to it. In any case, while this should not be the sole motive to your promotion, I believe that a promotion may come with higher responsibilities and more time involved so a salary increase wouldn’t be a bad idea. You may set up a meeting with HR or the appropriate manager in your company to discuss or negotiate your salary.

5. Look out for other opportunities outside your role (within the company)

You stated that you love your job so much and trust me I am so happy to hear this. It won’t be a bad idea to look for other opportunities within your company: another promotion or at least work towards one. If you love your job, I’m guessing you also love the organization and you are an asset to it.

You could also look out for opportunities that make you the team lead, this will help you stand out as someone willing to take risks and a great leader. It will put out good words for you as well. It’s also a good way to motivate yourself since you’d have things to look forward to.

6. Treat everyone with respect

Try to be on your best behavior at all times. Be social and polite to everyone. Attitude is one of the reasons for a promotion from studies. Maintaining your good attitude will take you further. So be positive and humble to everyone around you. Make out best judgments at all times.

Again, congratulations on your promotion. I am so happy for you and I am certain you will do really well in your new role.

Happy New year to you and thanks a lot for sharing.”

If you are reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and would benefit from this. 2017 seems to be starting out on a positive note and I’m sure this good news would pass over to you: if you need this.


These are updates from Instagram for anyone who may need it.

@thealaroro -blogger from

“Hi Zinny, your reader needs to enjoy this moment even as (s)he prepares for the next stage. There is always a next stage. It may be another promotion, a change of role, a change in job, or even a retirement. Enjoy it. Prepare for the next stage. Find out where your industry is headed, if it is robotics -learn something in robotics. Will your role become obsolete because of technology? If yes, you need to prepare for that. Whatever it is, be thankful- enjoy this phase -grow yourself for the next level.”

@temitoria -blogger at

“Getting a promotion is good but there’s always something to look forward to. I will say (s)he shouldn’t relax but keep moving him/herself The sky is only a stepping stone.”

If you have other suggestions or opinions for this reader please feel free to share below in the comment section. This will be really appreciated. I’ll also share this on social media to know your opinions. If you have questions you need to be answered, you may send an email to [email protected] or visit the Contact page. I’d be glad to hear from you.

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