It’s the 23rd of December and so many people are saying goodbye to the workplace till next year.

Yep, you heard that right dear, next year!!!

Before I go on any further, just want to say a big Happy Birthday to my mom again. I have the feeling that she is reading this particular post. *lol*

Oh yes, so it’s the 23rd and it’s really exciting and somewhat mind-blowing that Christmas is only two days away (Canadian time). By now you very well know that I love Christmas and the messages it brings. You can tell with the many Christmas-themed posts on the blog.

Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with my friends and one of them said he would be wearing his “Christmas outfit” on the 25th.

This spurred a lot of emotions in me honestly. It took me way back!

Tell me that you also had Christmas outfits growing up. Please tell me that you saved that outfit for that very special day: 25 December. I looked up to this growing up.

Growing up in Nigeria, my mother would ensure that we had at least two outfits. One for Christmas day and the other for New Year day. The second outfit was usually a traditional wear made with Ankara, a Nigerian fabric.

My mother made this a tradition for her children. She took it upon herself to ensure that we had new clothes, shoes, and what not for the festive season.

Little wonder I’m such a lover of Christmas and this love won’t die anytime soon, although I don’t make it an obligation to wear a new dress for Christmas these days. Please tell me why I won’t pass down this tradition to the next generation? Which child doesn’t love new things?

If you are wondering, my friend didn’t buy a new outfit, though. He just said he would be wearing something he hasn’t worn in a while. I guess this is what adulting does to us, it changes us and we just do things whenever and however -we grow up! The last thing on my mind presently is a new outfit for Christmas day.

Whatever happened to the 24th or 26th, boxing day?

Anyway, Christmas day is around the corner and if you have no plans in mind, I’ve got you covered in this post.

Here are a few dramas series/ movie suggestions for this season like I promised in this post.

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  1. Last Man Standing


Genre: Sitcom

Created by: Jack Burditt

Starring: Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, etc.

Network: ABC

Last Man Standing is an American sitcom. The drama series tells the story of a man who lives with his wife and three daughters. He tries to maintain his “manliness” in a family dominated by women.

We love this series so much because it has a lot of life lessons ranging from family to career. It touches all aspects of life: family, marriage, relationships (in all forms), career, politics (if you enjoy American politics), business, parenting, finance, lifestyle, just name it!

We love this drama series so much because it feels so real. You can walk in the shoes of many of the characters and appreciate the message they are trying to send at any point in time. We also love how each character has a unique personality and it’s so interwoven. The story line is also good.

Don’t forget that this is a comedy so it’s hilarious and relaxing. We are always laughing so hard whenever we watch this show. This holiday season is one that should be spent with family and you should watch this sitcom because you would totally relate!

This show has 6 seasons as it premiered in 2011 and is still on. We suggest you stick to this sitcom because it will keep you busy and elated all the way.

We rate this Sitcom 7.5 out of 10.

2. Office Christmas Party


For whatever reason, we haven’t watched this movie yet which is quite odd considering the season. I have heard so much about this movie, and I want to believe that it’s really interesting especially because Jennifer Aniston is in this movie. *haha*

If you have seen this movie, how would you rate it? We would go see this movie soonest.

3. Almost Christmas


Almost Christmas is a 2016 American Christmas comedy-drama film.

It tells the story of a retired engineer who lost his wife about a year ago. He decides to invite all of his children and their family over for a traditional celebration. His family is quite dysfunctional; if they can spend five nights together, under the same roof, and in peace, it would be a Christmas miracle!

There was laughter here and there in this movie and for this season it won’t be a bad idea to see this movie if you can. Also a bit of cliché in some aspects, but for the most part, it’s a good movie.

We rate this movie 5.5 out of 10.

Old movie to watch again

4. Home Alone


This is a movie that never gets old and it’s the right old movie to watch for this season. You can see this classic over again. If you have children, even better! Watch Part 1, 2, and 3 again and relive old memories of 1990, 1992, and 1997 respectively.

What plans do you have to celebrate Christmas? For us, The Food Disciple will be hosting us as always (perks of having a chef as a friend). I can’t wait to be there, tasting delicious meals and having fun with my Canadian family like we always do. I’ll share details here as usual.

If you are new to this blog, you should check out our collaboration on quick meals you can take to work. Visit the relaxation category of this blog for several recipes or just search for ‘food’. Please click here.

Indoor activities can be so much fun if well planned. We strongly suggest you add Last Man Standing to your to-do list this festive season because it’s so entertaining and great for family bonding. Also, have a bowl of popcorn (the microwavable one is okay), ice cream, cakes, and nuts by your side. Just give yourself a treat (cheat day), you deserve it!

Have you seen any of these movies and do you plan to? What other recommendations do you have? I love hearing from you and I could use suggestions too.

Merry Christmas!

*Written by Zinny with input from Allen

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