We are still in that Christmas/ New year mood!!! I love this time of the year and I know you very well do too. However, this season makes us cast our minds back and look forward as well.

We want to make sure that the path we are on in a quest for a meaningful career is truly the right path. We want to be certain that we don’t end up making the same mistakes we made at some point in the past.We want to stay positive, keep hope alive, and move ahead in our endeavors. 

This article was previously published but it’s been updated. Also, because of the holiday season, I thought it would be essential to remind you to keep pursuing your career goals at work.

One of the reasons why Zinny Factor was created was because it was starting to feel like little attention was being paid to workers: in various sectors or different forms. You can find out more information about the blog here.

Several years ago, I got into a conversation and along the line my friend asked:

“Why do people go to school?”

For a minute, I stood there puzzled.

“We go to school so that we can get a job.” I finally responded.

For the next few minutes, he would go on to lecture me on why some individuals decide to get educated, and he was right. People decide to receive an education majorly because they want to be successful.

So whether it’s to get that dream job, start a business, or become a public figure that inspires and influences people -it all boils down to being successful!

The key note here is that the goal is more important than the steps. The education simply helps them with expanding their knowledge and horizon. An example is this; if your aim is to become a successful mechanic, you can either go to college or choose to become an apprentice; either way, you are learning.

The main objective of this blog post is to help keep you on track to actualize your goals and aspirations in 2017, especially as a worker. There is absolutely nothing wrong in thriving to be the best in your chosen field. If you don’t see yourself as an entrepreneur or becoming one, there is no wrong in that.

Don’t forget that even entrepreneurs are working for their clients in one way or the other. I want to encourage you to keep working through your career path. If you want to do both simultaneously, you can also do that as well with proper planning.

If you have been feeling low and moody because you think your career life isn’t where you envisaged it years ago, now is the time to set goals and take actions.

I believe you should take that as a motivating factor, the push you well deserve, and the inspiration you will look on to tomorrow. I have realized a few things that can help keep hope alive, actualize career growth, and help with staying on the right path and as always, I am willing to share.


1. Have an Alternative plan “The Plan B”

I have read several articles on staying positive and keeping hope alive but one that I like so much is an article by Glenn Llopis for Forbes – 5 Ways Leaders Keep Hope Alive in Difficult times. If you have the time, I will encourage you to read the article. One thing that I could make out of the article, however, is that when you keep hope alive you will be able to renew your dreams and work towards better plans.

I entirely believe that once we receive a “No” reply from someone, it encourages us to work better especially once we have realized the mistake that made us receive such negative response.

Better still, before receiving a negative reply, make alternative plans that you can fall back on if need be. This will reduce the depression that may come with a “No” reply. If you are working to get a promotion, you’d also have to make alternative plans aside

If you are working to get a promotion, you’d also have to make alternative plans aside working hard. You may need to volunteer at another department you find interest in, get much more acquainted with decision makers at your workplace, get more qualifications that may help you realize this goal and get your employer to value you.

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2. Set Targets

How else can you know whether you are achieving career growth if you don’t set daily, weekly, monthly, and in this case, yearly targets?

Setting targets will help you keep track of your achievements. I once had someone tell me to write them out in stick notes. I think this works but now, I make use of a notepad instead. I have so much love for handwritten notes. You may choose to make it a weekly affair or not. It is entirely up to you. All that is important is to keep this record and make sure you are working towards it every day of your career life.

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3. Become Conscious of what you will rather do

Discover what interests you most at work if you are a little bit confused on what move to make. When you have been able to narrow down your passion or interests, you’d be able to make an informed decision.

Consider if getting the required certification or license needed for your chosen field is what is most important. Take time out to explore other options within your reach. Listen to your own voice and search within you. You need to be comfortable with any decision you choose to make.

4. Relax

As difficult as this may seem it remains the best thing to do while staying positive. Do not put undue pressure on yourself. As long as you carry out the necessary steps in achieving career growth, the only other thing you need is time. So, relax and be sure to have warm baths regularly!

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Ask yourself if you are doing what a reasonable person in your position will do. If need be, ask some colleagues for advice or just hear from their point of view.

I hope these few tips will help reposition you towards continuing on your path to career growth. Sometimes, we need to be motivated. I am carrying on with my career growth, are you?

What plans are you working on for 2017? Again, I’m wishing you a splendid year ahead!

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