The holiday season is one time of the year almost everyone looks forward to. It’s the period for parties, dancing, and a lot of food-related activities – and who doesn’t love some good food tasting?

No, food is not overrated, I said so!

The Christmas period reminds us of the new year ahead. Christmas and New year preparations bring a lot of joy, happiness, and tingling feeling to the atmosphere no matter how uptight you think your workplace is.

You’d hear things like: “Any plans for the holidays?”

Trust me, if you don’t have plans, you definitely don’t want to say so. People will take you to be a sad person. Who doesn’t love the holidays and who doesn’t love to have at least one plan in mind? Even if you don’t, it’s expected that some spontaneous activity will spring up.

Whether you like it or not, that’s a plan! -the fact that you’ve got no plan.

So do something fun at work this period asides the office party or potluck. I know that so many organizations have had their parties already, how did it go?

If you still have one planned out for next week then read this post here.

This post provides activities you can incorporate into your workplace to add the holiday feeling to everything.


1. Show some act of kindness

You can leave a pack of candy or cookies at your co-worker’s desk. Write a Thank You note to someone at work who has been of immense value and support to you this year. Maybe this person has answered so many of your questions and helped you with resolving issues at work. This is the time to say thank you. These little acts of kindness go a long way in showing pure gratitude and it’s needed this season. You need to start off the new year on a kind note.

If you didn’t give or exchange gifts at work yet, it’s not too late to do so. There is love in sharing, have you gifted anyone anything yet?

2. Dress up for the season

It’s okay to wear a touch of red or green every now and then until Christmas season is over. Get in the mood and celebrate with every other person

Dressing up includes a smile. This season brings happiness and good tidings so try to smile and stay cheerful. Be happy. Avoid any confrontation where possible and be uplifted.

3. Organize a movie night with colleagues

Invite your workplace buddies to a movie night. It doesn’t have to be something serious or extremely expensive. You can host it at your house. Move the activities away from the workplace. You all have worked all through the year and you deserve to have some fun away from work. If you have some time left at work, depending on your job, you all can do this after the close of the day or on a weekend.

If you decide to host the movie night in your house, even better. You can find some suggestions here and here. I will update the blog soonest on movie ideas. There are also a lot of movies for the season in the cinemas and don’t forget that old movies are equally fun to watch.

4. Volunteer

You can also organize with co-workers to help the less privileged this season. This activity is very relaxing and is a good way to help show love alongside your colleagues. Help in anyway that is comfortable for you. Give to charity. Volunteer in a way that appeals to you.

These are a few things you can do before 2017. There is still so much time to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a beautiful way with co-workers.

What plans do you have with your co-workers? How will you be celebrating Christmas and the New Year? If you already celebrated Christmas at your workplace, how was the event?

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