Towards the end of November, we received information that we would have the annual office Christmas party/ dinner second week in December. I didn’t quite keep the date in mind because, as always – I thought there was still ample time. We are also required to bring gifts worth at least $20 (which is really fair) because there will be a game involving the exchange of gifts.

Anyway, I am presently in a fix -uncertain of what gift to buy, although I don’t think anyone will know who brought what because like I said, we are having a game. Procrastination is indeed the thief of time!

I will certainly have to make a decision as soon as possible. If you have ideas in the meantime, please let me know. I could use some help.

Office Christmas parties are one of the most eventful and remarkable events of the year! If you are the attendee, even better! You are lucky enough to not go through the stress and pressure of planning the perfect party. Even at that, we’ve heard of office parties with horror stories, crazy drama, and embarrassing moments. There are ways to go about ensuring that you are not the one getting this “bad” attention.

Office parties create the opportunity to mingle, mix up, talk to people you never really had the chance to, and just be free, even in a work environment.

If you have an office party you’d be attending, or you are going as a date, there are a few things to keep in mind: the unwritten rules. *lol*

Be merry this season

Be merry this season

Show up early

If you would be attending the event, please endeavour to show up early. You don’t want the organizer suffering a panic: especially if it’s a small party. If you are going to be late, let the organizer know early enough. If you are not willing to attend the party, send an email to the party-planner so that he/she can take you off the list; this helps with making better preparations.

All the same, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to show up. I mean that’s the whole intention, to have fun with colleagues who have been working all year through. It’s a celebration needed especially in this festive season. Please make an appearance if you can. Remember we are always talking here on the blog on the importance of teamwork. Well, making an appearance really conveys that you are indeed part of the team. So yeah, show up!

Volunteer to help if you can

The party organizer may need some help and it would be great if you help out -of course, if you can! He/ she would really appreciate it, I bet you. It’s a lot of hard work to craft out entertaining activities, organize stuff, make you all happy, and ensure that the food is at it’s best. If you can help in any way, no matter how little, please try to do so.

Avoid office gossip

Try as much as possible to avoid any form of rumour spreading or gossip. Talk simple and try to make conversations more general. Talk about how the year went at work. Bring up conversations that remind everyone of special moments, victories at work, general Christmas plans, family plans, and maybe kids- if they have any.

Don’t drink too much

The last thing you want to do is create an act that will last on the lips of every worker till the next christmas party. Don’t forget that your boss, manager, supervisor, or someone in a higher position is still at the party and eyes may be on you. Maybe they are contemplating something big for you, please don’t ruin plans!

Your office party is an opportunity for everyone to relax, be merry, and just let their hair down but it’s still a work event: just more social. Don’t leave reasons for people to think that you may make bad judgments. Do yourself a favour and act wisely.

If you must drink, know your limit.

Dress appropriately

Dress for party success and to fit in with other workers. You don’t want to stand out awkwardly. If there is a dress code, then that’s great news as you can stick to it. If you are confused on what to wear, you can ask your workplace friends  or colleagues what they plan to wear and work on that path

Don’t trap people with idle conversations

I understand that we all have people we always want to be with, but what’s the point of going to a social event if you refuse to mingle with others? Also, don’t trap someone with awkward long conversations. As much as you are trying to be social, do so with caution. Spend less time talking to just one person because they may want to speak with others. Avoid walking out of a conversation unexpected, please don’t just leave anyone hanging. If you are about to leave then close the conversation in a remarkable way, smile, and leave.

Try to stay until the end

Lastly, try to stay to the end of the event. Christmas parties happen once in a year, try to be sociable. If not for anything, at least try to show appreciation to the organizer -it’s no small job to plan one. Stay for the party and don’t leave early since you decided to go in the first place.

Relax and have a swell time. It’d be fun in the end and you’d be happy you went. Like I mentioned in this post, such events at work create the right atmosphere to have small chat with people you have never really had the time to chat with. You may finally have that great conversation with your boss or manager since you both will be in a more relaxed environment.

How are you planning for your office Christmas party? Any plans for the event? Share your thoughts, what are the dos and dont’s  for an office Christmas party?

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