December is here. It’s finally the last month of the year and I am so sure a lot has happened at your end, just as it has for me. I’ve learned so much this year, especially with regards to blogging and I’m working towards a brighter blog experience for you. I know the year has been good for you too, but just in case you feel otherwise, check out this post and be thankful.

Irrespective of what you may be going through, personally or at work, there will always be positive to reflect on. I am not so crazy about watching videos or interviews on celebrities, but one key point I always take out after watching anything related to Kevin Hart, is how he always says to find the positive in any situation.

As odd as that may sound (to some people who may think so)- it’s one thing I really like about Kevin, not even his comedy, acting, business, fitness life, or whatever. It’s just hearing that he always says that so consistently and has made it a part of his life and routine.

For some time, I’ve had this idea at the back of my mind: to review or critic movies. It all started after I had deliberations with colleagues and received some suggestions from readers. I love movies so much and so does my fiance. I asked him if he would be willing to review or critic movies with me and he was glad to do so!

It’s sort of fun for us because we have a lot of friends that call us to confirm if they should watch a movie or not. Yes, the love for movies is real, trust me! So we would be happy to share it with you. If you noticed, there has been a new category on the blog for a while now: relaxation. Click here to find out more. In this category, there will be a lot of relaxing posts because in recent times I have come to realize that our work or jobs affect every other aspect of our lives.

I was also of the belief that it will be a good idea to share practical things that may be somewhat relaxing (and thanks to your suggestions too!). So think of this category as a place to hang out over a cup or glass of anything! I also moved all our workplace meal posts to this category. If you missed any, please be sure to check it out. The Food Disciple and I have been working on quick recipes to make your work-life less stressful.

Honestly, we have seen too many movies this year.  In fact, we see a movie almost every night before going to bed. So it may be difficult to organize our thoughts but we would do our best for now. Although lately, we have been watching more of drama series.

This is Christmas season and if you are planning on hosting guests, adding a movie to your event to-do list won’t be a bad idea at all. We have been delaying this project for some time, so let’s get started already! We think this is the best time to start this aspect of the relaxation category. What do you say?

One movie we watched recently is: War Dogs


Genre: Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Crime, War

Rating: R 17+

Director:Todd Phillips

Starring: Jonah Hill, Miles Teller

This movie is based on a true life story of two friends in their early 20s. The truth is: true life stories rarely fail! We actually look out for true life stories because they are well thought out- it’s real! They are rarely boring; there are exceptions nonetheless.

The plot tells the story of these two friends who later go into business as partners and take advantage of the war in the middle east. They were able to exploit a government initiative that allowed small businesses bid on U.S military contracts and they began to live the “life” soon after.

We are not spoilers, so we won’t tell you the entire story just in case you haven’t seen the movie (lol). We enjoyed the movie because it dealt a lot with ethics at work or business. We were also concerned with roles in a marriage. David’s wife (a character in the movie) seemed to be on and off about her concern for her husband’s job. This aspect was really debatable.

If you are a parent contemplating watching this movie with teenagers, there are some factors to keep in mind. Click here to find out what you need to know.

Generally, the movie wasn’t bad and we would rate it a 7 out of 10.

Please bear in mind that this aspect of the blog will contain a lot of relaxing activities not just movie reviews. Expect anything fun and engaging. Grab a duvet. Come over to this spot and relax at any time!

Have you seen this movie? If yes, what did you think of it? If you haven’t seen this movie, tell us what movie you want to be reviewed.

Written by Zinny with input from Allen

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