Like many of you, there are several things that divert my attention from left to right. Things that may not necessarily be distracting but are worth thinking about. It could range from family issues, societal factors (so many things are going on around the world), economical issues, again, there is so much going on.

The fascinating part of it all is that what may seem like a big issue to you, may not necessarily seem to be an issue to another person and vice versa, but irrespective of whatever, the fact remains that we all have something that may seem to be much of a big deal to us. These things happen and that is life.

I try to find solace in the fact that if there weren’t some events happening, chaotic or not, then we wouldn’t have news channels. So I guess it’s safe to say that it’s only right to know that a lot is going on (at least we should be informed). Sigh. But it’s somewhat distressing these days when you turn on the television or radio (and in fact, social media), only to hear more of tragic stories.

We already have a lot going on in our lives. We have issues to address at work, and now we have to add world issues to the already overflowing “burden” we are going through. Oh dear!

Thanks to the rise in the number of comedians, we can still afford to laugh. I can’t imagine what the world would have looked like without some people who have made it their job to make others laugh and take off the stress.

I just hope they get to be as happy as they make others feel. You see why I value every type of job and I am of the notion that we provide workplace solutions to every industry? These people are life savers!

So in the heat of whatever is taking your mind away. At that point when you are out of focus when you really need to focus on work, here are some ideas to help you have some control over your mind, direct your attention to better ways to move forward, and increase your productivity like we talked about here.


Don’t sweat it

Lack of  focus or attention may not be a one-day problem. It could last for days or run into weeks. Either way, you don’t need to stress it. You need to stop. Calm down. Refocus. Take conscious decisions and take things gradually. This may seem difficult initially, especially if you are working to meet a deadline, but as much as possible, don’t sweat it!

The idea is to avoid panicking. Yes, this seems absurd. I mean, you are out of focus, you need to do something at a particular time and you just can’t, for reasons you really don’t understand. How won’t panicking be your next resort?

The thing is, two wrongs don’t make a right. So panicking won’t help you at this time. Breathe. Take a nap. Take a walk.

Now, remind yourself of this each time you can’t focus and you are about getting worried.

Stay off social media

Sometimes social media helps relax you, other times it doesn’t.

I love the many comedians that have sprung through social media. They make me happy, they make you happy too. Some of them are just so hilarious and you just marvel at such creativity. So from their Instagram handles, you find yourself moving to their Youtube channels and possibly Facebook page.

But this is not the case all the time. Sometimes, social media sends us negative energy. You find some cyber bullies or get to read some disheartening stories. At this point, you are in no way improving your declining focus. You are channeling your energy and time to the wrong thing, and not relieving yourself of pressure.

Switch off. Go offline. Keep your phone away. You need time and space to get creative and to gain focus for work. Social media will go on without you. Nothing is going to change on there. The only thing that will change is your focus level. You don’t need anything that is going to trigger the wrong energy. Clear your head. Find your energy. Discover focus. Get the right attention.

When you are back on track then you can go back to social media.

Try a different working style

So you have been trying to get work done in one way, and you haven’t been able to focus. Maybe try things in a different way. Change your location. Work in a place where you wouldn’t usually think of. A change may be what you need.

If you are working on your laptop and you can’t seem to type things out correctly, maybe write on a paper instead. Sometimes handwritten notes turn out great like we discussed in this post.

Set Priorities

List your tasks in an order of preference, based on importance. Now take your time to complete each task. Tick them off the list as you go ahead.

This helps with some form of mental organization. It makes your work seem tidy. You will feel less swamped and have better focus. Pick up your pen and write right away! (These days soft copies take the win, though.) I am old-school and I love my handwritten notes, but do what works best for you.

Give yourself a treat

You could be stressed out and have no clue. The solution could be to give yourself a treat. Relax. Maybe read a book, watch comedy, do something that is relaxing and is good for your soul. Be careful, but most importantly take care of yourself at this point.

*These tips apply to everyone, whether you are working from home or at the office and you just can’t seem to focus on work. I hope you find these tips useful.

How do you try to stay focused on work? What other suggestions do you have? How do you try to stay at ease? Please share, I love reading your comments and getting to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day with loads of focus!

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