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November 2016

Career Change

13 Basic (and General) Rights you have as a Worker

Have you ever wondered what your basic or general rights as a worker are? Sometimes you may be afraid of what to do, what to ask for, or what you think you deserve at work. The simple meaning of a right is something that is morally good, justified, or acceptable. I am giving this definition just so that you have a background of what this article is all about. 

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Career Change

5 Ways to Say “No” to Food Pushers at Work

I know you might have been in this situation once, twice, or more. Am I right?

We have at least one co-worker that’s always telling us to have a bite! The co-worker points a fork at you. Bite me already! What if I’m allergic to something? These days people are allergic to almost anything, but this co-worker doesn’t think of that. Fortunately, I’m not allergic to anything. I can eat a house, and no, I don’t put on so much weight!

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

Mastering the Art of Eye Contact

Something quite different happened today. On my way back home, I decided to get fresh pepper from the grocery store because I had run out of it. On arriving the grocery store, one of the store workers walked up to me and spoke to me about a new competition happening soon possibly because the year is coming to an end. He needed a piece of ID and my points card, and in the process of scanning these documents we got talking. Our communication ended really well and in fact, a promising offer came out of our conversation. The whole scenario reminded me of the past. A few months ago, the story might have differed.

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Career Change, Inspiration

6 Ways to Beat The Sunday Night Blues (and Look forward to a New Week)

Hello, Guys! It’s Sunday and I know how disheartening that may be for some of us. It can be so sad to remember that a new week has begun, and work may resume the next day: Monday.

That overwhelming, cloudy feeling begins to loom gradually even if you love your job. Around 4: 00 PM on Sunday, you begin to wonder if your TGIF status was really worth it and how the entire weekend seemed to breeze through.

You get all gloomy and moody and eventually, Monday seems like a burden to you and your worst day of the week. 

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Entrepreneur's Workplace

7 Things Great Managers/ Bosses do

So many times I ask myself why some people complain excessively about their jobs. The grass is greener on the other side they say, and they eventually leave for another job. There is a better pay, it’s a bigger organization, they have an office to themselves and a lot of space too, but barely after three months the complaints resume. The cycle goes on and on if they are fortunate enough. Something is definitely amiss. I have always made it my duty to analyze situations and try to provide solutions like I mentioned in this post. I have had times where I complained about previous jobs and to some extent, I humbly believe that the reason is as a result of poor leadership or management.

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