A few weeks ago, where I work, the management thought we needed to detox and so we organized a movie and pizza night affair. We all enjoyed ourselves. As simple as that may have seemed we needed the kind gesture and besides, who doesn’t like something free every once in a while?

The movie made things better too. Have you seen Snowden? The biographical political thriller film about the American top contractor that leaves his job and leaks classified information, becoming a traitor to some, a hero to others, and a fugitive by law.

What’s your take on the movie? To us, we viewed the movie as relaxing from our perspective. We had expected the movie to have loads of action packed drama but it turned out differently. We felt much more relaxed watching the movie and it was also interesting.

Anyway, after the movie, I had a chat with my manager and we talked about so many things, including my previous jobs, and it was somewhat amazing because it appeared as though I didn’t have a life judging from my constant long hours of work and mental drain. It felt like I never had a break to relax. The truth is that even with long work hours I could have made out some sort of “work-life balance”.

As always, that beautiful discussion got me thinking and I reached a conclusion that work-life balance may be a myth after all. We often form illusions that maybe when we change jobs, we may eventually find that “balance”; after all the grass is always greener on the other side.

If that is the case, how come most of our friends and people we know often complain about being stressed from work or feeling left out on some aspects of life? Can our work and personal/ private life really be balanced on a scale with each side equal?

Like professors, philosophers, theorists, I often like to carry out surveys and research before I make a decision except that I do so with the basic people around me; like my family, friends, and generally people that live close to me. I do fact findings and then I also take my experience into consideration.

Although this may not be sufficient information, I believe that the lives of these people affect mine in one way or the other, so I can safely take their encounters to create solutions to challenges. Humans are social animals. Our lives depend on other humans. We develop and learn through the filter of other people. I feel like I have something to share and I feel good about today’s post.

The entire idea about work-life balance is to exercise control over your life in anyway possible, whether at work or private matters pertaining to your personal space. Once you can learn the art of having control then you will have the impression of this so-called “work-life balance” because, in reality, your work is part of your life. Little wonder I still spoke a bit about exercising some control at work in this post HERE. Finish up this post and I will still give you a link to read that article if you really need to “balance” your work-life.

I intend to share with you how to take control of your life.


1. Work on your relationships

Like I earlier said, we are social humans that need to depend on others. It could be your spouse, your family, your children, friends, etc. If you feel that you constantly have no time to be with your loved ones you can open up to them and trust me, you both will find a solution.

Most issues I have are better resolved when I share it with my loved ones. It’s just amazing how strong we think we are until we become vulnerable. I always preach; share! share!! share!!! but with the one you hold dear. I am yet to find what is perfect because human wants are insatiable, but I know we can make what we want perfect in its imperfections when we put our minds to it.

This will take a lot of effort and consistency but commitment is what you need. You need to keep updating your plans and strategies because this week may be different from the last. You may have a kid next, get promoted, or get married, so what’s important is that you keep updating your plans to maintain your relationship and have control.

2. Quit complaining

Oh my! You seriously need to quit complaining to have control. Complaining shows you have little or no control. You do! Concentrate on factors affecting the control of your life and address these issues. Please read this post HERE and HERE to know more.

3. Investigate

If you have made up your mind on changing your current job then you need to discuss with your next employer and set some ground rules. Have an idea of your next job and how you may have control over some aspects. It will pay you more to do a proper and thorough investigation because now that you have decided to quit your current job, you don’t want to make the same mistake again.

4. Live a purpose-driven life

When you have passion and purpose for what you do at work then you won’t feel stressed or out of “balance”. Even most entrepreneurs claim to enjoy working so hard without any proportion. Like I said in the October post, just be you. Find happiness at whatever job you do.

I still feel that working on your relationships go a long way in giving you control. If you can work on this, rebuild your relationships with your family members, and more, then you may find that “balance”. If you still feel you can achieve work-life balance and would do anything to strike this “balance” then read this post HERE where I gave some useful tips to help you exercise some control and balance.

Did you enjoy this article? What do you think? Is it possible to really have a 50-50 balance and proper division of our work and life? Please share your thoughts with me. I would love to hear back from you in the comment section below.

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Wish you joy and laughter!

Photo credit: The 5th and unsplash.com