September is gradually coming to an end and it will be my birth month in a few days. As usual, I took time out to evaluate and although I am so excited about how bright and eventful this year has been, the honest truth remains that I am growing older.

Months have gone by and so have years. Experiences have taught me life changing lessons. Taking risks have taken me forward in several ways and I still can’t believe that I have spent this long on planet earth. I remain grateful and willing to appreciate life and work even more.

I know that by now you are wondering how old I will turn in a few weeks from today. Well, if you are so inquisitive then follow me on Instagram and stay updated with my Instagram stories. I am not so old (depending on your definition of old) and I have always been gratified to be a millennial especially in the workplace. There is always this conception that millennials see challenges differently and have several ways of resolving issues. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw a recent statistic on a new generation of employees we should expect pretty much soon. It all dawned on me that I may be getting much older after all.  We should expect them at least four years from now!!

I know! You read that right the first time. Millennials, we will soon be disregarded as the babies of the workplace! We get to supervise, grow up and just make tough decisions. How are you taking this? How are you going to try to adjust to this new generation? It’s already so much to handle working with other generations in the workplace and now we will have to add this new generation. 2016 Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index tells us that there are now five generations in the workplace.


Oh, I forgot to add. They are called the Generation Z. Anyone born between 1995 and 2010 is a member of this generation. By 2020 they would most likely comprise about 10% of the workforce. Apparently, most of them are already taking up roles as interns in the workplace. Ever come across anyone where you work?

Get ready folks, they are going to ask you really odd questions and make you feel so old in due time. I wouldn’t be surprised if one asks you who Lady Gaga is. It may be that bad, but you really can’t blame them. Oh dear, we no longer get to be the younger generation and get away with a lot of things.. too bad. On a brighter note, it’s good for taking up top responsibilities.

So I am here wondering, how are you going to handle their arrival if you are a millennial? Have you worked with any?

Thankfully, Adecco surveyed a large number of Millennials and Generation Zers to find their differences and aspirations. Below is a quick summary.

  • They are already doing a lot of online work and Google may most likely be their best friend.
  • They believe they are tech savvy and are more self-taught, so you may have to train them even more to meet the standards of your organization.
  •  They are used to being rated at different stages. They are acquainted with performance metrics and you may need to improve on this in your managerial style.
  • Only 38% of Generation Zers believe that their schools are preparing them fully for a career. So some work may need to be done at the workplace when they eventually arrive.

How are you taking this information? Let’s chat further in the comment section below. Tell me what you think, I would really love to hear from you. Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or send a message via the Contact page if you need any question answered and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Photo credit: Tranmautritam and Kamyar Rad