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How have you been? How was the weekend? Hope your week started on a good note? I bet! As always, I’m wishing you the very best this week and always. Today, I’d be sharing a new recipe in collaboration with The Food Disciple. Remember the very first post we had together? If you didn’t get a chance to read it, please do so HERE.

Like I already explained, I am working with The Food Disciple to come up with quick easy mouth-watering recipes that you can pull through and take to work. This will help you plan better for work and reduce work-life stress.

Guess what? Just last week, I was really tired and didn’t know what to have for dinner when I got back from work. I tried the last recipe we had here on the blog. It actually took me less than one hour to make and it was fantastic. I enjoyed every bit of it. You would have seen how it came out if you follow me on Instagram and check up on my stories. If you don’t, do so! That’s where to grab a hold of me. This shows that the recipes you will find on this blog are really easy to emulate and you can try it out after work if you feel too tired and need to make some food.  Either way, take out time to try these recipes.

Today’s recipe is really simple and will be perfect for lunch. Did I hear you say “Yaaaaay!!!” Oh yes! We all never joke with our lunch time at work and if for any reason you happen to joke with lunch, please rethink your decision with this new recipe.

Shall we?

It’s Chrispy Chicken Thighs with Peppers!

lunch idea for work

lunch idea for work

I love this recipe so much. I can’t emphasize this enough. Here are my top reasons for “endorsing” this recipe, allow me to use the word haha!

  1. Cooking time is just 40 minutes and I’m sure you can go for less depending on the quantity.
  2. It’s chicken and for some reason, I am a HUGE fan of chicken. I love anything chicken and I love to play with different tastes.
  3. You can serve this dish with rice, couscous, yam (for yam lovers like me), other grains of choice, plantain, etc., just name it! It’s versatile.
  4. It’s definitely perfect for lunch, filling, and would keep you active all day!
  5. The pepper in this sauce will help kill cancer cells. I am not a doctor and I studied no science either, but I’ve read a lot on this and you should also do some research. So I guess having some spicy food once in a while won’t hurt.
  6. Chicken is generally healthy.
  7. It’s great for sharing with colleagues and easy to pack up to work.

To get the full recipe, please visit The Food Disciple. She also has other nice recipes on her blog.

Will you make this for work? what would you have this with, or what would be the side dish? We will post other recipes that will help make your work-life less stressful as time goes on. Please look forward to it.

Enjoy your week!

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Photo credit: The Food Disciple