Happy New Month!!!!!!!!!

It’s September and honestly, I’m so excited and grateful. August was so inspiring for me. You know that I usually put up inspiring articles at the beginning of a new month because we all need a bit of that for our work lives. So I’ll be sharing what kept me going in August and how we can make our work lives more meaningful.

What shall we do this September?

Stop! and then take a moment to appreciate your challenges. Absorb it. Understand it. Try to comprehend it and have a grasp of whatever challenge you feel you are going through at work and even in your personal life. Only then will you be able to make meaning out of it. Breathe. Inhale. You will definitely make sense of it in due time. Trust me, you will.

I can’t even begin to tell you how disoriented I started to feel at some point in time. If you know me too well, you would know that I have interests in several things. I love art. I am a natural hair enthusiast. I am a foodie to an extent *lol. I studied law and so I miss law practice every once in a while. I mean, I studied law for several years, it’s just normal for me to feel inclined. I also discovered my passion for human resources and workplace issues, hence this blog alongside the fact that I enjoy writing and severally write random things to myself when I am alone.

As a child, I wrote several stories and had a compilation. It was supposed to get published, but you know how some things just never end up happening. There are other things I love to do and you would find out if you follow me on Instagram and other social networks.

It was really difficult to have a blend of everything and I got really confused at some point in time. I learned to accept my challenges and just strike a balance. I do everything I enjoy these days and it makes me extremely excited and happy. It just gives me this inner peace.

So darling, strike a balance. I know I always talk work related issues here on the blog but I also know that I try to bring life to work and work to life. So try as much as possible to make great use of your free time and do those things that make you happy. Better still, create new hobbies. Stop seeing challenges but create opportunities and your work-life will feel more interesting and rewarding. Isn’t that what we all want?

This TEDX video by Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? is one that you should also watch. It made me realize that what brings joy from our work is how we feel and react towards it. The effort and time you take into appreciating your job will make you derive pleasure from it. If you can learn to appreciate challenges at work and see that it can bring out the best in you, then you will find true happiness.

This September, make the very best out of any challenge. Enjoy your job and put your mind to it and also remember to do what makes you happy by the side. I hope you feel inspired and motivated for this month and the rest of the year.

What inspired you in August? Please feel free to make suggestions, contributions, and comments. I would love to hear from you.

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Photo Credit: Allen Obayagbona @Obaallen