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September 2016

Entrepreneur's Workplace

Key Points to Deliver an Effective Training Session

As a company, a primary objective is to make profit irrespective of your business or industry. To make a profit and incur no loss, your employees have to be well trained and informed, so that they can carry out their respective duties efficiently. You want to be sure you are losing no clients or prospective ones, and you want to cut costs to the bare minimum. Effective training is one way to achieve such success. If management is able to train its employees, this will stir up their passion, improve engagement, and increase productivity.

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Getting Ahead

Thinking of a Career Change?

I have been receiving a lot of emails on the Make a Decision: A Job or Career article and as always it got me thinking. You need to go read the article to get a full grasp of today’s post. I’ll be honest with you, deciding to change career was one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. Trying to transition, study and work all at the same time has been one roller coaster combination but it’s been totally worth it. This post has been in my draft for a while and I finally came down to publishing it most especially because I haven’t updated the millennial category of this blog in a while.

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Entrepreneur's Workplace

Why you should consider Employee Referrals

So many companies have the challenge of recruiting the best employees. Every organization wants top talents and a way I advise on this is through utilizing employee referrals. Employee referral is an internal recruitment channel whereby an organization identifies potential candidates through existing employees. These existing employees make use of their existing social network to recruit the best possible candidate for available positions.

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Food to Work made Easy

Hey you! Yes, you.

I know you are a bit surprised at the picture at the top. Not to worry. Today’s post is going to be a little different from the norm. I’ve been receiving a lot of reports about how difficult it is to prepare meals for work and I know how important this is for all round balance.

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Career Change, Getting Ahead

What you can do to Handle Workplace Bullying

Hello! How have you been? How has your work week been? I failed to post an article early this weekend and I really do apologize to you. You are my regular reader who takes out time from your busy schedule to read my articles. You are my supporter and you show it in a way I really do appreciate. I value the time you spend reading, it gives me a reason to carry on and makes me realize that I am doing something valuable. I will reorganize my schedule. This week has been really hectic and long but that’s no excuse. Thank you so much for coming back here!

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September Inspiration: Appreciate your Challenges

Happy New Month!!!!!!!!!

It’s September and honestly, I’m so excited and grateful. August was so inspiring for me. You know that I usually put up inspiring articles at the beginning of a new month because we all need a bit of that for our work lives. So I’ll be sharing what kept me going in August and how we can make our work lives more meaningful.

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