You all know how keen I am about having a workplace buddy. That person you look forward to meeting at work every day. You both have lunch together, talk about challenges you may be facing with tasks, discuss possible solutions and most likely dive into your personal life matters. Sometimes, the relationship you have with this person goes way deep. It could even be a bond. Okay, maybe not too deep, but you know what I mean?

Then for one reason or the other, this person you share a great relationship with has to leave your company. It could be for career goals, to pursue business plans because of his/ her entrepreneurial spirit, for better pay, a better opportunity, relocation, and so on. One thing I can make from this is how it may affect you emotionally and psychologically. I mean, it’s hard enough to loose such great relationship.

That was why I could totally relate with a colleague the other day when she told me of how her workplace buddy recently announced her departure. She’s been handling this recent news greatly but I know that some of my readers may be going through a similar situation and I decided to share my thoughts on the topic. What you say?!

Below are ways you can take control of your work-life and stay motivated at work.

1.Be enterprising

I know it can be hard to go through these next few days without your buddy but you need to be proactive and work towards building and improving your professional life. Friends at work are great, and you know how much I encourage you to have a friend at work because it creates some form of support system and motivation, but you need to move through this setback, stay positive and make moves to be successful. You need to be able to see the good side despite any situation. You should never feel abandoned!

2. See the Opportunity

Your friend is leaving and you might become indispensable and of more value to your organization especially if you and your buddy were in the same department or did similar work. So see this as an advantage and make the best out of it. You can ask for a promotion, a raise, and create better opportunities for yourself. As a matter of fact, this will keep you busy from thinking about your buddy’s departure or future departure.

3. Make new friends

You need to make new friends within your office or company and expand your network. This will be a great time to meet other colleagues and possibly find someone you share similar interests with. Improve your social life at work and you may turn out to be even happier. You could also learn one or two things from these new people. You shouldn’t necessarily be tied to just one friend. Expand your circle of friends. Remember that you should give this time. It takes some time to create good lasting relationships.

4. Accept your buddy’s departure

It’s okay to feel the “loss” of your friend. Accept it. Confront the situation. Talk about how great a friend he/ she was to you to your colleagues. Share your feelings and show your emotions. It wouldn’t hurt anyone. It’s always better to let these things out sometimes and just feel relieved.

Finally, try to keep in contact with your buddy. If he/she does similar work or is in the same industry as you, it will be good to share ideas every once in a while from different perspectives. This will also improve your network.

What do you think? Is your workplace buddy leaving anytime soon? How are you handling the situation? Please share your experience and let’s connect! I would love yo hear from you.

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Photo Credit: Allen Obayagbona @Obaallen