One way a company can familiarize with new hires is through an orientation process. This involves some form of introduction to new employees on long and short term goals of the organization, values, mission, and the management structure of the company. Expectations are thereafter set and this gives the new employee a broad idea of what to expect on the job. It also gives him/ her an impression of the company’s culture. Therefore, you certainly don’t want to have a poor orientation process for your company.

A good orientation process will keep an employee in place since he/she will now have the right foundation to help him/ her become successful on the job. It will also help the employee in the process of learning the organization. Furthermore, a company’s policies, discipline process, promotion, safety plan/ style, management structure, information access, health plan, compensation, etc. may also be explained and introduced to an employee during orientation.

A big challenge or issue that most companies face is deciding to have a one day all inclusive orientation. This may create information overload for the employee and the main intent of the orientation may not be adequately achieved.

In this article, I will explain the who, why, when and how of a proper and productive orientation.


It is mostly believed that only new hires should undergo orientation but this should not be so. Employees that may be transitioning to new roles or departments should also undergo orientation. This is because they are also fairly new to their new position. Although they understand the company structure and other basic fundamentals, they may be unsure of other factors regarding their new employment or position. It is important for them to have a formal introduction to their new role and expected outcomes.


As I explained earlier, it’s just really important that you have an orientation process in place to reduce any form of anxiety in the employee. As a new or transitioning employee, it’s understandable that one may be filled up with fear of the unknown. A good orientation will keep the employee at ease since all needed information would be relayed to him or her.

It also reduces chances of a turnover. As I explained, your orientation is an opportunity for you to create a good impression of your company. This will determine if your new hire will stay and grow with you.


Orientation should not be a one-day event. It should be a continuous process. Try not to make new hires or employees feel too overwhelmed. Too much information in one day may be too difficult to absorb and may leave the employee confused and frustrated.


The most important thing to note is that; orientation should be a process. Try to prepare a package and share schedules, responsibilities and presentation slots among experienced staff. You can also decide to print out the package or just do a powerpoint presentation. It is entirely up to you.

Also, try to avoid too much paperwork. Rather, let the atmosphere feel relaxed and interactive. Remember that you want to leave a lasting impression of the company to the new/ transitioning employees. Most often than not, your orientation process will determine how long a new employee will be willing to stay at the company.

During the orientation, ensure that you give employees the opportunity to ask questions or provide them with the right resources to receive answers. Conduct a proper introduction between new and old employees. This will help build their network and know who does what within the organization. This will improve interaction among employees and build communication.

Print out the policies and procedures of your organization and hand it over to the employees. Alternatively, you may send it out to their email addresses. An essential thing is to ensure that information is made accessible to new employees. You want your employees to be fully equipped to bring out the best in them on the job.

Remember that the orientation process is really important in developing your employees and bringing out the best in them. Facilitating introduction in the workplace helps build stronger teams and prepares employees for the task that awaits them.

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