Let’s face it, we have all gotten bored at work at some point. What happens afterward is entirely up to you to decide. Some people take out time to watch movies, surf the internet, chitchat, and gossip, read a novel or sleep!

Yes, I said so; sleep at work! You know I am damn right about that.

Needless paperwork, an unproductive long meeting, a lousy colleague or a snoopy one that bores the hell out of you and possibly a monotonous report you have to submit. An awfully quiet office, oh yes! One would think that a quiet office space is what you need to concentrate but again, it could be the reason for your boredom.

I know.

Are we thinking in the right direction? The list goes on.

A reason why you may feel bored at your job may be because you are not in tune with your job or it’s just the wrong place to work and that is a different topic on its own. However, you may be bored at work for other reasons and it’s good to tackle that to find ways to end the boredom.

You may be bored for several reasons ranging from failure to see advancements in your job, repetitive tasks at work, little or no work to be done, financial problems and personal challenges. It’s okay to feel bored because of one or two of such reasons, but it’s not okay to remain bored and do nothing about it.

You definitely don’t want to make screaming “I am bored!!!!!!” the only sentence you yell out at every 30 minutes interval. Your colleagues will get frustrated hearing that constantly and have the impression that you are either lazy or indeed have nothing to do.

That sounds funny I know, I remember saying that having little or no work may be the reason why you feel bored. But on a side note, you just don’t want to appear to not be intuitive.

Here are suggestions that can help you cure boredom at work and make you revived, refreshed and refocused!

1. Learn a new skill at work

Use the time you spend surfing the internet to do something productive and of value to your job. I also read that surfing the web at work can make you more productive. Learn a new skill that can be applied to your work, that way you will stay entertained but it will be for a good purpose. I don’t think your employer will feel bad knowing that you are channeling your energy into something productive as long as you are going to meet up with deadlines if there is one. Well, fill me in on how this goes, learn something new, add to your skills and become an asset to your organization.

2. Look at your project in a new way

If you constantly feel bored at work then maybe it’s a sign that you should change the routine. Spice things up a bit, turn your project into a game or something, just do things differently and you may see positive results. This will help improve your curiosity and bring out that creative part of you.

3. Make use of your breaks

Sometimes all you need is a break. Take some time out to relax and unwind. It’s about time you took advantage of your leave and holidays. There is an article on work-life balance and its importance, you should read it. I believe it will help you have an informed decision on how to go about it.

4. Start that thing you love/ calculate your personal finances or pet project

You are bored and you feel stuck in a rut. Oh well, now is the time to calculate your finances, after all, it’s been giving you sleepless nights. There could also be that pet project you have been dreaming about, write it out and start working towards it. Many times we always want to have that little thing we also do outside the everyday job that gives us joy as well. It could be volunteering, use this “boredom period” to work out the details. Sit, think, write out and plan.

5. Workplace buddy

I have had this discussion with experienced human resources professionals in the past and I remember I was told that having a workplace friend is what keeps most employees going. There is just something about knowing that there is someone to talk to at work, someone that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, someone that can offer solutions where necessary because he/she knows the workplace as well. If you find this person, you both can talk about ways to cure boredom because you both know your industry.

6. Evaluate

You may want to relax and evaluate the root of the problem. Is it your job, office, the people, the sitting area, location or tasks? Seek advice from others who appear to not be bored and apply their solutions with caution. You want to be sure it soothes your preferences and is good for the job.

Try to volunteer to help other colleagues who seem busy or join a team at work organizing a charitable event. You can also try to take on new tasks. Also, try to think out creative ways to make your job interesting and share them with other workers. Chances are if it excites you then it will be the same for them too and where everywhere is bubbly you wouldn’t feel bored.

You don’t need to gouge away at work before you realize that you can take some steps to end boredom at your workplace.

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