I wasn’t quite sure what direction to take with today’s article but wanted to talk a little about going through a crisis. I was, however, certain of one thing- we need inspiration and upliftment for our work life more so with the sad news we have in some parts of the world.

This article is directed to employees/workers at any level. If you happen to be in a place where there is turmoil at this point in time, disheartening news and stories that leave you with a negative energy I really do sympathize with you and want to remind you that the world will get better starting with our individual deeds. This includes how we comport ourselves privately/ publicly and how we treat others around us and at work.

It’s important that you realize that what goes around in the world or in our various locations one way or the other affects the workplace. This will inevitably affect the behaviors of our co-workers and how we react towards them. It is of great value that we keep this in mind while dealing with co-workers to help retain positivity in the workplace and to work well with others. Helping your colleagues shouldn’t be the job of your managers alone, it should be a collaborative effort.

Learn to love yourself

This may sound so cliche or you may be wondering how relevant this is to the workplace. The truth remains that it is one of the simplest things to do to make the workplace a better place.

When people say- “Do whatever makes you happy” I smile to myself.

It shouldn’t end there.

I feel we should go some steps further -“Do whatever makes you happy and is good for your soul.” You don’t want to do something that makes you happy but will put your health or life at risk. You want to do something that makes you happy, makes you come alive and you will be glad to share with family and friends.

Now how is this even relevant? When you love yourself, your life and you are happy, you will carry on that positive spirit to the workplace and others can pull your energy. My suggestion is for you to take time out to search and purge yourself and find out what gives you joy. The world needs more happiness!

It’s even better if you are a manager because you will motivate employees. This also applies in times when someone may be going through a personal crisis because you will be in the right frame of mind to offer help if you can. So love yourself enough that you can help others around you, including those at work. 

Don’t assume

Never assume that you know what someone is feeling. You want to discuss with an employee/ colleague going through challenges/ crisis, hear him/her out and believe him/her. After this, you can then know if you can help or not. You want to ask him/her what can be done to help ease the situation.  

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

If the situation is one you can’t necessarily help with, refer him/her to the EAP and try to follow up options or programs they offer. The EAP adheres to strict confidentiality so you necessarily don’t want to know what the issue may be, rather you just want to follow up to be sure that there is progress. You should previously have contacted the EAP to know what services they offer and how it can help resolve the challenges /crises your colleague is going through. If you are uncertain, ask a human resources personnel in your organization.  

Speak to someone

I recommend talking to someone in the human resources team in your organization or referring your colleague to a member of the team. They will have adequate resources to guide your colleague and or refer you to someone that can help (maybe a counselor, if necessary).

If you need to speak to me, I am more than willing to assist. Simply contact me via the contact page or send a mail to [email protected] and I will respond as soon as possible.

Helping co-workers/ colleagues show leadership tendencies in you. It is time for you to help make the workplace a better place to thrive in. I hope that these suggestions will help you make your workplace more comfortable. Feel free to share this article and to make comments and suggestions.