Event marketing can sometimes seem like a huge and overwhelming challenge. It can be something which many companies put off for a long time because we don’t really know how to approach the event.

However, trade shows and events can prove to be incredibly beneficial for your brand and bring in a much wider audience than you had before. It is a way of networking with professionals in your industry as well as the general public in order to really build relationships with the wider network and increase your reach.

But how will you nail your event?

Make your display stand out when marketing

When you attend a trade-show you will be given a small plot in the center for which you are responsible for. You can turn it into a display for your products, an informative stand with lots of demonstrations or something entirely different.

It is something which you will need to think about and decide how to best display your work. If you have no idea where to use eyelets, what backdrop to use and how to print out banners- you will need to go online and do some research. You can even search how similar companies have displayed their stands to give you some inspiration.

Social listening dashboarding tools

Social media is the best way to stay in the loop with anything these days; from what’s going on with celebrities, what your friends ate for tea, and which movie star has been in prison or released. It is also a very useful tool when looking at your business.

You’ll be able to see what’s trending and figure out how to utilize that to your advantage. You will also be able to market your event with social posts, behind-the-scenes looks from your setup and witty banter. Make sure you generate interest in your presence and make it known.

Create a Survey

If you want to make sure you include something for everyone at your event and you can’t choose between a few ideas, simply create a poll on twitter and ask your followers to decide. You will be listening to their needs and what they specifically want, which will create more interest when you do run your event as you’ll have chosen something you know your audience wanted.

After your event, make sure you ask your attendees to fill out a survey on their experiences, what their favorite part of the day was and what you could improve on in the future. This will give you a brilliant insight into the success of your event and allow you to make the necessary adjustments for the next time you run an event, to make sure that your customers truly enjoy their experience.

Use mobile insights

A great idea for the tech-savvy amongst you when considering your marketing strategy is to create an app for the event. The app can be as simple as you like, as long is it has all the information about the event as well as extra content for those who attend. You could offer incentives during the event to make sure your visitors use the app throughout the day.

With this and data from social media such as retweets using your event hashtag, mentions, and shares, you can really get a sense of your customer base and find out what makes them tick.

What more do you have to add based on past experience? Share below in the comment section.

*This is a collaborative post.