If you run a business, manage one or you are in management group then you have complex duties. To have the required skills, competencies and knowledge for your role, adequately apply it and also to effectively coordinate activities of staff/ employees in lower positions. This is where employee engagement comes in because you should motivate, assist and push other employees to achieve set objectives of the organization.

Whether you admit it or not, you are also a role model to some other staff/ employees within the organization. Eyes are on you and you are supposed to meet up with expectations and carry others along in one way or the other. This article will discuss how you can  build a good relationship between your organization and its employees so that your employees can be enthusiastic about their work and take actions to improve your organization’s reputation and interest.

You may want to practice these tips and also share it with your peers.

It begins with you at the top

If you want your employees to be engaged with their jobs then there should be someone to emulate and look up to. This person is you who is in management. Employees want to see the behavior that is expected from them, so take out time to put out a good example of expected behaviors.


Leaders should try to maintain the reputation of the company at all times and apply ethical standards in all business matters. Your employees want to speak publicly about how proud they are to work at the organization. They want to be proud of their jobs, what they do and how they achieve it. They also want to speak freely about the organization. If your organization isn’t credible, this cannot be possible and this will lead to employee disengagement which is unhealthy for your organization.

Increase communication

As a leader or manager, you should constantly improve your communication with employees. Try to always give feedback on their progress and performance at their job duties. This will create a positive environment for all and improve engagement.

Include your employees or subordinates in decision making. Seek out their opinions and ideas on various work matters. Be open to criticism as this will lead to teamwork which has proven to be productive. Please note that communication should not end only after hiring an employee, it should be consistent. If you need to make out a plan to communicate with employees, then please do so. This will make employees feel involved in the business and create a great workplace culture.

Create career opportunities/ meaningful work

To engage employees, you need to provide them with challenging work/ tasks. You can find out if you are doing this or not by asking them. You can carry out surveys (if necessary). The job they do should be of importance and value to employees to successfully make them engaged. This will give them the feeling that they are contributing to the organization and make them take pride in it. If you discover that they don’t feel challenged enough, you want to make out time to discuss ways to improve the situation. 

Congratulate/ Appreciate

As a manager or leader, you should show appreciation to employees. Thank them for a job well done. Congratulate them for a new transaction concluded and show them that they are valued. Show recognition where necessary. They shouldn’t receive feedback only when their performance is low. Giving praise when needed will also boost their morale, self-confidence and eventually lead to high productivity and engagement for employees.

Build a relationship

Try to create bonding sessions among your employees. Spend time with your employees and be authentic. It is an organization and it’s made up of humans, not robots so take out time to act human and relax. Be friendly, be approachable, be receptive. If possible you can include an open door policy to improve your workplace culture and boost engagement.  

Engaged employees voluntarily invest extra time if the need arises, they put in efforts and think out practical solutions to improve business success. It is, therefore, important to seek out ways to improve employee engagement in your organization. Take out time to apply these tips to your individual and organizational needs and invest in your employees to promote success for your organization.

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