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I trust your weekend went well and I am sure you are buzzing away prepping ahead for this week. I thought it would be nice to give you a brief update and share some more insight on what has been going on with Zinny Factor.

I started Zinny Factor late March 2016 and before then I had an idea of what I wanted to do with this platform but didn’t know how to go about it exactly. To prevent procrastination and falling back on plans I decided to start anyways. As I kept on with it I was able to gradually refocus and if you have been reading the blog lately you would have noticed a few changes.

I will take out time to explain categories you can find on this blog and what you should expect. If you are new to this blog, I am so happy to have you here and I encourage you to visit more often. 

Here you go;


At the “categories” section of the blog, you will notice a new tab; Employers . It will be updated with posts that provide professional advice to employers of different industries. My sole purpose is directed towards small or mid-sized businesses to help you manage your employees and organization. As I earlier mentioned, I hope to relate to any industry. So no matter the business you operate and the size of your staff, I believe that you will stand to benefit from this category.

The blog posts in the employer category are mainly addressed to people in leadership positions in any organization. This includes business owners/ entrepreneurs, executive officers, managers, supervisors and senior level staff in your organization.

My very first post in this category can be seen here. I am extremely excited to have started this category on the blog. Please ensure to look out for more helpful topics to improve your organization.

If you wish to speak to me on related matters, please feel free to send me a message via the contact page or send a mail to [email protected]


There is also the millennials category that addresses issues that millennials may face in the workplace. I am in my early twenties and I believe that millennials are constantly entering the workforce with different perceptions of what to expect. I, therefore, have made it a point of duty to talk to this very important class of people in the workplace and address necessary issues they may encounter at work.

If you happen to be a millennial in the workplace, I expect that you benefit from this category now and always.


This section provides various topics ranging from how to be happy, productive and enjoy your work or job to ultimately lead to career growth. Here, I blog on all issues that may arise at work. I occasionally discuss recent legislations or news as it affects the workplace (and will continue to do so) and I provide practical solutions. 


I believe that waking up every day with words of inspiration goes a long way in making a business day fulfilling. In this category, I provide inspirational articles that I believe come in handy for workers. Be sure to look up this section every now and then to stay uplifted.

Please note that all blog posts and suggestions on Zinny Factor are entirely written by me and or form my opinion. Where any post isn’t written by me, I will credit such post to its original owner. Most pictures on the blog are not taken by me and are majorly credited to its original owners. Where a picture is taken by me, I will be sure to state that.

I also blog from a human resources perspective as a trained professional and enthusiast. If you intend to use my articles please notify me and wait for a response before doing so. I may be contacted through the contact page or you may send a mail to [email protected] 

If you intend to share any of my articles via social media, that is great by me if I will receive a notification or a pingback.

I will love to hang out wit you, so please feel free to follow me socially.

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I hope you find Zinny Factor an interesting read.

Thank you so much!

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