A learning culture is an embodiment of your organization’s values, beliefs, processes and in entirety, what it stands for. It also combines the mission and vision of your organization in the long run. The learning culture of your organization should be one that can be felt by your clients and prospective employees through the behavior and practices of your present employees.

Improving your organization’s learning culture will inadvertently increase knowledge and productivity for your organization as a whole. Developing a learning culture at all levels in your organization will help ensure that learning is fostered and embraced.

Before I go on to explain how you can improve your learning culture if you don’t have one already, or if your present learning culture is unsatisfactory, I will go on to give benefits of having a good learning culture.

  1. Improved productivity and greater accountability which leads to profit for your organization.
  2. Employee satisfaction and engagement
  3. Reduced turnover
  4. Improved succession and transition plan
  5. A positive environment for knowledge/ information dissemination
  6. It attracts top talents to your organization

The advantages of an improved learning culture far outweigh disadvantages if any. I don’t believe there is any disadvantage. There are several other benefits you can derive from improving organizational learning culture.

Now that you can see the many benefits and know that there are more benefits for investing in a learning culture, here are ways to go about it;

Sensitize your Leaders

Invest time in trying to make your leaders (in various departments, if any) see reasons to accept a learning culture. The leaders within your workplace play an important role in establishing a learning environment especially because they may be the ones to share information with other employees. Reiterate the need for a learning culture and train your leaders where necessary.

You can also do this by providing mentorship and coaching programs that seek to help employees in their development.

Formalize your Learning Process

Formalize the process in which your employees are to gain information and how such should be shared among others. Doing this will help provide a stable method for employees to improve their knowledge. This will also encourage your employees to participate in the entire process because they know that the learning culture is important to their development.

You can also to do this by making “daily learning” a corporate culture. Your team will then emphasize on it to ensure that it slowly becomes a habit that your employees are used to. They will tend to benefit immensely from this.

Internal Recruitment/ Promotion

Promote from within your company or business as this will improve the learning culture in your organization and cut irrelevant costs your company may incur from having to recruit externally. Also, once your employees know that you incorporate an internal recruitment/promotion strategy they will voluntarily decide to learn more since they may be promoted to higher positions. It helps make your employees ready for more challenging roles. This also reduces turnover for your organization in the long run.

If you, however, decide to recruit external candidates, they will blend into your company’s system swimmingly because your present employees will have the necessary tools to train these new employees.


You want to ensure that you communicate with your employees on their outcome and performance after any training or learning opportunity. Monitor their performance and document areas for improvement. Set out measures that would be used to score performance.

Concentrating on the learning culture of your organization will ultimately lead to increased productivity and profit as your employees become better equipped for their responsibilities. Reinforcing the value of learning for your organization will also ultimately lead it to become part of your corporate culture which creates healthy relationships for the workplace and a positive atmosphere in general.

I hope you will look into developing the learning culture of your organization today. For more information and to have a chat with me, please feel free to make comments or send me a mail via the contact page. Feel free to follow me on all social media platforms as well.

All the best!

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