Hey, millennial worker! You are young, you see things differently, you may not necessarily be a team leader or a manager presently, but you can make a difference. You can be a leader. You can exhibit characteristics of a leader even where you least expect. Age has nothing to do with being a leader.

I am in my twenties and I can say to a certain extent that I know some of the challenges, if not all, that young workers face at work. One of it is being able to show that you can do your job effectively. Lack of experience is something that may hinder your ability to thrive at work. More especially since you are still learning (especially if you graduated recently). Remember when you had your job interview? Remember how you tried to convince the panel that you will be the right fit for the job? Remember how you tried to show that you are a leader and you are ready for challenges?

Well, it is time to show those qualities. Lack of experience may also prevent you from displaying leadership abilities. It is expected that after reading today’s post, you will try to incorporate leadership skills into your work life.

Here are ways to go about showing leadership, so that you can have an impact at work.

  1. Take Responsibility

There have been several complaints or observations especially from generation Xers that millennials hate to take responsibility. I want to believe that we still have people that own up to their mistakes. But if not, this is for you! The very first way to be a leader is to admit and accept your mistakes or wrongs and then work towards correcting it. A leader “leads” by example. You will only be employable when you can show leadership tendencies because your employer hopes to promote you in the future to a management position if possible.

So the next time you are corrected, please heed to instructions. There is no need to rant or argue with your manager/ boss. Listen to him/ her. Remember that every organization wants to develop teamwork and have a positive workplace culture. Accept constructive criticism and basically try to become a better person personally and professionally.

  1. Inspire

Sometimes, it all goes beyond the work environment to actually involve the workplace. This is no pun. Take time to think about the last time you inspired someone. How did you do that? Did it affect his/her work-life? Did you make someone feel low at work instead of trying to uplift his/ her spirit? These things matter. No one wants to have a leader that constantly destroys his/her feelings. I bet you want a manager that motivates you.

In that light, show leadership even as a millennial. Inspire someone at work every now and then. Develop this habit.


  1. If someone says something cannot be done. Tell the person that nothing is impossible and try to find ways to resolve the issue. There are always other alternatives.
  2. Compliment your team members for a job well done. You all did the task together, you put in hard work. It wouldn’t be bad to recognize their effort.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

-John Quincy Adams

  1. Emulate a Leader you admire

Hey, Millennial! You are young, full of life, most likely new to the industry and still gaining grounds. What better way than to learn from a leader you admire. Observe him/her, understand his/her manner of approaching issues and apply it to your work-life no matter how minute.  

“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position. Conduct a personal assessment and ask yourself, ”Would I follow me?”

– Brian Tracy

If your answer to “Would I follow me?” is no, then it is about time you learned from a good leader. How about that? Search within your workplace, there has to be one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your immediate boss. It could be some other person with experience that possesses some form of referent power.

  1. Contribute

To be a leader, you should be willing to help others. Try to say something and live up to it. Don’t just talk, rather act! A leader should have something to offer. You should start providing solutions to problems. Simplify tasks at work. You are vibrant, you are creative, you are a millennial! I bet you can make positive change at your workplace. So start taking actions.

If you look forward to being a leader someday, in whatever form, then you should start acting like a leader from this point. It is never too early. You do not need a mountain of experience to be a great leader. You can act like a leader no matter your position at work. You can influence your present leader. It is all in you. You hold the key to leadership!

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All the best!

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