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It’s mid week already! The week has been great so far, it joggled from ups and downs. It has been hectic, busy, bloomy. Just name it! but it’s the experiences so far that really matters right? All the same, we are on the quest to be great at work and be a star performer. Most importantly, we have lost two “stars” this week and even as we mourn, I thought it was wise to get inspired by their work and career.

We certainly want to be top performers at work, come off as indispensable, portray knowledge and display mastery of our craft no matter the industry. Star performers turn out to have greater flexibility, training, mentoring, and enjoy their jobs. How do we become great at work?

Just for the records, when I talk about craft, I take the initiative to imbibe all spheres of work. Today’s world has evolved and whatever industry you thrive in should reflect some decency and be taken seriously. When I talk workplace, I don’t necessarily confine myself to a small office space. I believe that every industry can depict a workplace setting. It is a thing of the mind. From studies and observations, I have come to appreciate this, and as a human resources enthusiast, I will regularly blog on all related fields.

With all of that out of the way, shall we now dig into our “stars” and learn from them?

CkFWuQkVEAAJV_iThe first is the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) Muhammad Ali  born as; Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He was an American Olympic and professional boxer, widely regarded as one of the most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century.

Here is what we may learn from Muhammad Ali;

Self Acclamation

He would regularly state and declare that he was the world’s greatest. In other words, our purpose should be greater than ourselves in handling our tasks so much that we reiterate and reemphasize to ourselves that we can be great and that we are indeed great at our job duties. I encourage you to read up on my previous post on how to stay positive and mean it. Just choose to be the greatest! You will certainly start to become the greatest when you least expect or realize it.

Stephen-Keshi-1Another person that we can draw inspiration from (pardon me, my non-Nigerian readers) is Stephen Okechukwu Keshi, a Nigerian football defender. He was also a football manager of the Nigerian national team and was one of the only two people, along with Egypt’s Mahmoud El-Gohary to have won the  Africa Cup of Nations as both a player and a coach.

Here is what we may learn from Stephen Keshi;


It was reported that at some point, Keshi went ahead to train to become a coach after a while of playing professionally. You may not feel like you are the best at your job but as long as you are willing to succeed you can always improve your knowledge. There are several free courses you can take online to improve your skills via Coursera, Edx or Udemy, you may also read up on educative pieces of information through Talent Construct (I hear they are also brewing affordable and free courses). I have never heard of anyone who put in hard work (and was smart at it) and never had a breathtaking success story. Please correct me if I am wrong.

There is a popular saying; “In the end, everything will be alright, if it is not alright now, then it is not the end.” I think that is how it goes, not sure of who it is attributed to. Please feel free to share if you do.

Here are some other things you can do to become a star at work;

  • Lifetime commitment to self-development
  • Take initiative; go beyond your job description and add value
  • Learn to network with others at work/ in the same industry and learn
  • Be true to yourself; don’t try to be anyone else
  • Ask questions where you are unsure and learn
  • Stay current on your field and be conscious of changes
  • Set your priorities right; plan out activities
  • Be a leader, no matter how small the group
  • Do work that matters
  • Be reliable and trustworthy

There are several things we stand to benefit from being a star performer at work. It may be to your career as a whole or just that self-fulfillment that comes with it. I hope that you feel inspired to become great at work.

If you have comments to make, please feel free to do that. You may also give more suggestions on how to be great or be a star at work.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace!

Photo Source: Pexels

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