Depression can be a form of disability and may lead to many devastating consequences if not properly managed. There are several ways to manage depression during a job search and I hope to discuss that in this blog post.

Finding a job can be a huge task and is a job on its own. Finding a job that is line with your career objectives is even more demanding. It can be consuming and needs a high level of commitment and perseverance.

I will discuss in this blog post 7 basic ways to manage depression as well as improve your level of motivation and quest to get that job you so desire. The reason I thought this topic was important is because the energy you put into getting a job you want will determine how you react on the job.

This level of motivation is really important, it ensures consistency while carrying out your daily tasks.

Downswings in mood during a job search can likely arise but it can also be prevented or curtailed. Job depression has the ability to interfere with your ability to sleep, eat and live a happy life in general. Understandably, a job search can be saddening especially as most people see a job as a means of livelihood.

A job search may bring with it feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, unhappiness, hopelessness and intense bitterness if things do not go as planned or expected, but it is important to keep in mind that it shouldn’t be that way.

Here are ways to get you started and help you manage your attitude towards a job search. This can be a difficult phase in life, but you can also make it one to remember and smile about.

Don’t stop sending applications

It can be difficult to keep up that eagerness to get a job and you may quickly lose focus. It is, however, important to remember that you may not get that job if there is no application to back it up. So please don’t give up! Keep sending out properly drafted resumes and keep hope alive.

Map out a strategy

At this stage, you want to know what your daily target should be. You can decide to send out ten resumes per day. This will mean that at the end of the week you should have sent out about 70 resumes to 70 different companies at most. This will increase the possibility of an interview.

You may also have to decide on the time of the day you intend to do this. You may realize that you will feel lighter knowing that you are making headway. You can decide to also keep a journal outlining the different job applications you have made. Otherwise, you can rely on your emails to keep you updated.

Talk to a Friend/ Mix up with people

Have a friend who encourages you and shares in your common goal. Your friend should be there to support you during this phase. You need to have a positive friend at such period of a job search and one that consistently reminds you of your worth.

On the other hand, it will be beneficial to you to also meet new people who may be of help. Reach out to people and seek advice. Discuss with them on positive outcomes. Engage in social support.

Try out a contract/ part time job

If possible, you may need to try out contract jobs, internships or part-time jobs. This will help build your expertise in your chosen field as well as help you improve your intellectual growth. It will help keep you busy and also be a form of experience you will need to continue with your job search.

Learn! Learn!! Learn!!!

In the meantime, try to reduce your depression level or prevent one by staying positive, taking courses or reading up more on your job requirements or anticipated skills. In this case, you may need to start gathering the required skills needed for your proposed job.

There are free online courses you can take to help build your skills while searching for jobs. Also, speak to professionals in your field and learn more about the jobs in your field or career. If you are fortunate enough to go for interviews, learn from them and improve yourself in preparation for future interviews.

Improve your resume

Consistently upgrade your resume in line with the essential skills needed for each job being applied for. You may have as many resumes as possible. All that is important is for you to update your resume as you keep learning new things consistently.

Discover a positive Distraction

Make use of your idle time and start doing something that can be productive during this period of a job search. It could be something that will be useful to your career or your self-development as a whole. Try out exercising and stay healthy. Do anything that will motivate you and keep you away from thinking or doing anything harmful to yourself and wellbeing.

Remember that finding a job is in your own hands and so is your mental health. Set your priorities right, keep your head high and live to smile tomorrow!

I will love to know, how you are managing your job search?

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