Make the decision, what do you want: a job or career? Overtime, I’ve come to understand that there are so many ways to look at life and one of such ways is determining what you want to do with your work-life.

Living life goes beyond waking up every morning and setting out without having a consistent plan or goal.

I have heard of many people say that they want to do something because of the pay they will make from it. I think we should ask ourselves if we want to do something that gives us money only or  something that gives us both money and self-fulfillment?

A job or career?

These questions are raised in consideration of the fact that I very well know that we all want the good things of life and will need money for that. *grin*. However, I believe that so many factors have to be considered in the long run.

I recently had a discussion with someone and that inspired this post. Human beings want the best things in life and once we don’t get paid well enough to get those desires we may tend to hate our jobs.

Remember that there are always exceptions and there are other reasons why some people may hate their jobs or career.

The questions I believe we should ask from time to time are: “What is my long term goal or plan?” “Do I see myself continuing in this direction?” “Do I want a job or career out of this?”

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Let us make a clear distinction between a job or career. Many times you will realize “job” and “career” used interchangeably. However, Zinny Factor aims towards the direction of helping you map out a career for yourself and help you grow your career life because that is what I am doing.

I hope to share my experiences and what I learn every day to help you in your journey.

A job is anything you do in a position of employment, usually short term, to make money to meet several obligations. This is because there is usually no long-term plans involved in having a job. You simply just choose to go with the flow.

On the other hand, a career is something you do and hope to do long term. A career requires consistency, most likely education, training or some form of experience acquired over time. Note that a career is a long-term plan or goal, a gradual process.  A career involves an occupation that is taken for a long period of one’s life with possibilities of progress.

These days what used to be the norm has become different and now we can say that a professional football player has chosen a well-deserved career. The same goes for beauticians, artists and so on.

This is because it takes a lot to devote your entire life to doing something not only for the money you make from it but also for the pleasure you derive from doing so. So indeed, it is really a career!

I do not intend to dwell on careers that require a long time of tutelage to acquire but to explain to you that you can make a career out of anything you put your mind to. With that being said, being a singer can be called a career but working in a music studio may be called a job.

I hope you understand the distinction? But most likely, depending on the job you choose it will pave your career path. Do you get it? Choose a job that flows with your career plan.

So what do I mean, right? I mean that when you have series of jobs in the same direction or industry then you may be gradually creating your career path. Alternatively, you may choose to turn your passion into a career.

There are a few things to consider when choosing to turn a passion into a career or trying to convert your job into a career.

  • Try out various jobs you are inclined to and continue from there.
  • Try out your interests/passion and aim to get better at it.
  • Work on your resume. Let it align with your career prospects.
  • Be certain that you will love your chosen career to avoid frustration.
  • Stop procrastinating and take actions.
  • Make a short and long term plan. Ask yourself what you really want from your career.
  • Talk to people in the same industry as yours and get advice.
  • Learn to deal with rejection.
  • Move along with people who inspire you.
  • Perfect skills needed for your career.

Do you want a job or career? make the decision today. The choice is yours to make!

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