Saying something positive can go a long way in life. It can affect your entire week. So many people talk about staying motivated but barely know how to go about it. Staying positive is the best approach to life most especially because it reduces any form of anxiety that may lead to health related problems.

It means having no doubts whatsoever. It involves consistent affirmations and believing that things are going on well even when it is not. Staying positive will help in your daily life and how you manage stress.

You should begin to see problems as challenges to live a positive life. When you begin to say good words to yourself everyday, you will have a better way of handling situations because you will naturally feel lighter.

To stay positive, you need positive affirmations because it will help motivate you. Once you are motivated,you will in turn stay true to your goals.

I will give 6 positive affirmations that are helpful. Remember that you can add more to the list. All that is important is to ensure that it’s really short for you to remember. They are:

  1. It will be a great day.
  2. I am beautiful/ handsome.
  3. I am smart.
  4. Today will be productive.
  5. This is just a challenge.
  6. There is no problem too big.

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Say it first thing in the morning. Preferably, look at yourself in the mirror when saying it. A new day brings a lot of possibilities, so practice saying something positive first thing in the morning.
  2. Continuous affirmation is very essential. Say it on your way to work, at work, after work, on your way home, before bed (…maybe add that it was a great day!)
  3. It should be in the first person singular pronoun, be brief, and be in present tense. It should also be realistic.
  4. Continue to remind yourself. Say it severally, it only gets better. In this case, you may decide to write it on stick notes and place them on your desk area if that helps.

These days I find that turning these affirmations into a song works like a charm. If you decide to do this too, I will be glad to know how that is coming for you. How else can you have a productive day at work if you don’t stay positive?

Remember you have to say it daily and mean it. You are what you think or believe!

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