A career change can be a good thing for you! If you know me too well then you will know that sometimes I just get off track and reminisce for a minute or two. Fuzzy yeah?

It is just something I enjoy doing to reflect. I feel like we should reflect every once in a while just to keep track, you know. Anyway, I was recently remembering those silly excuses I made when I was about to make a career change.

I have always wanted to be a professional person, you know what I mean?

So I decided to share some of those excuses and how to stop making those excuses. Eventually, I had to drop it all in the garbage which is why I run this website, alongside pursuing my career goals.

I was relieved to later discover that I was not the only person making some of these excuses. So I will make a list of excuses I gave and some I have heard from other people and I am practically begging you to forget these excuses and pursue your individual and organizational goals.

The Fear of the Unknown

A career change is a risk, just like every other thing in life. So why not?

This can be challenging because you barely know what to expect once you take that big leap. So I suggest you carry out extensive research on the area/ field you want to switch over to.

I cannot overemphasize how important it is to do research. It becomes a personal attachment and you will benefit immensely from the time spent on it.

Discuss with people in that field and discover what it feels like to be in their place. I highly recommend carrying out voluntary work too.

It is not what I studied

Is that not to an extent, the whole idea of a career change in the first place? Just be sure that you have skills that align/ match with your new career or what you consider doing.

Your employer expects you to add value to the company. So aside from wanting to choose a new career path remember that you have to make an input to your organization.

Remember that certain skills are needed in every organization. It can be communication skills, interpersonal skills, or creative thinking.

See other skills in my previous article HERE. Sometimes, it does not have to be book-related. Think of it this way: can I make use of the skills I currently use at my workplace to create change in my prospective career?

But then, if you need to take up a course or two and you can afford it, that will be good. Open your mind to knowledge.

I do not have money

This becomes important once you have considered other factors and have realized that you may need education. In this case, if you do not have enough resources to get educated in that area, you can decide to volunteer long-term.

Disclaimer: Someone once told me that it worked for her, but I have personally never tried it. So you want to know what she did, right?

She sent out a couple of letters to different companies and told them that she would be willing to work for free to gain experience and that all she wanted was a plate of lunch every day. She eventually got that opportunity.

I know that sounds quite tricky, but hey, it is called determination! A friend once told me: “…it will be your story to tell…” If that will help you get to your expected destination, then why not?

But on the other hand, be sure to consider the length of time you will be willing to work for free, expenses that may be incurred, and have a long-term goal.

By long-term goal, I mean, sit and make strategic plans. Ask yourself if it is worth it and what you stand to achieve by taking this step. By the way, consider whether it is legal for you to do this, depending on your location.

Another solution could be to send out several applications to companies in line with your career path, and attach a letter explaining your interest, what you have to offer, and how you intend to help reach its objectives.

If you decide to try any out, I would love to know and encourage you all the way!

My Resume is No Longer Relevant

Creating an appealing resume for employers can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process, especially if you’re unsure where to begin. When your resume no longer feels relevant to your current career path, it may prevent you from applying for jobs as it may seem that you’re not the ideal candidate. Instead of forgoing potential job opportunities, you could look into career change resume templates to help you create a unique and tailored resume for your desired career path.

It takes little to no time to successfully change your resume into a coherent, stand-out commodity that highlights all of your transferable skills as long as you have the right templates and tools to hand. You want to promote all of the best qualities in your newly updated resume so that any potential hirers can see that you’re a fitting candidate for the role.

Lack of information

A lack of information is something you don’t want while contemplating a career change.

I once had the opportunity to work with a well-respected woman in my ‘chosen’ field. I had a feeling of what it would be like to take up my ‘new’ career, at least from an angle. If you are able to volunteer consistently, that will be even better.

More like frequent short-term volunteer work. You can add that to your resume too. That will be an added advantage aside from other considerations. Also, wouldn’t it be better to spend your free time doing something valuable?

What People Will Say

Think of it this way: “What will people say when they see you making a progressive change in your new career?” In other words, stay with people who encourage you, see your glowing light, support you, and share in your dreams.

Those are the people that should matter. They are the people you should listen to, they should be able to critique you and bring out the best in you.

Will I make a perfect fit?

It can be hard to determine whether you will make a perfect fit for your next job, career path, and all that. A lot of things come to play here but I will state three important tips I hope will help you.

First, you should have interest and passion. Secondly, look for companies you will love to work at and be sure that your values and beliefs align with theirs. Lastly, work towards changing your career if that is what you want. So act as soon as possible. 

I know how difficult it can be to make a life-changing decision because I have gone down that road. Remember your end goal. If you ever made any other excuse not listed, please feel free to share in the comment section.

I would also love to know what you are doing to put away that excuse. Please share this article and save someone going through this phase! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive exclusive and regular updates. I promise, no spam.