Career setbacks are on of the most painful things that can happen to anyone. Have you been feeling low and moody because you think your career life isn’t where you envisaged it years ago? How do you feel when you get that “No” reply?

Maybe you have applied to a thousand jobs and have gotten a “sorry we cannot continue with your application…” reply. You may have also applied for an admission so as to improve your educational qualifications for reasons best known to you and have gotten turned down. I know that can be really daunting.

Perhaps you are wondering when you will start up your own business like every other entrepreneur you admire but unfortunately, you have realized that you are not that type that can start a business or run one and yes you don’t want to be an employee for the rest of your life.

Well, I believe you should take that as a motivating factor, the push you well deserve and the inspiration you will look on tomorrow. From my research and experience, I have realized a few things that can help keep hope alive and help actualize career growth.

1. Have an Alternative plan “The Plan B”

I have read several articles on staying positive and keeping hope alive but one that I like so much is an article by Glenn Llopis for Forbes – 5 Ways Leaders Keep Hope Alive in Difficult times. If you have the time, I will encourage you to read the article.

One thing that I could make out of the article, however, is that when you keep hope alive you will be able to renew your dreams and work towards better plans. I entirely believe that once we receive a “No” reply from someone, it encourages us to work better especially once we have realized the mistake that made us receive such negative response.

Better still, before receiving a negative reply, make alternative plans that you can fall back on if need be. This will reduce the depression that may come with a “No” reply.

2. Set Targets

How else can you know whether you are achieving career growth if you don’t set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets right?

Setting targets will help you keep track of your achievements. I once had someone tell me to write them out in stick notes. I think this works. You may either choose to make it a weekly affair or not. It is entirely up to you.

All that’s important is to keep this record and make sure you are working towards it every day of your life.

3. The Question to Ask your Employer/ Interviewer

Remember that part of the interview where the interviewer asks if you have any questions? While it is good to ask some regular questions that we all have come across over time, I have come to discover a better question to add to your list.

The question you should ask which should preferably be your last question is: “How will you assess my interview generally? OR how do you think my interview went?”

Asking this question will help you evaluate yourself even before you receive a response from the interviewer. Most interviewers want to see you excel in future interviews if they later do not retain you.

It will not hurt them to give you a wide summary of how they assessed you during your interview, after all, the interview is over anyway and they already noted important things on their notepads. Sometimes, interviewers even give you recommendations. It also shows the interviewer how eager you are to work in that organization.

Once you have learned one or two things from asking this question at your last interview, you will never repeat those mistakes at your next interview.

4. Become Conscious of what you will rather do

Have you been aiming to start a business and have discovered that it isn’t your thing? Well, it could be that all you need is self-development. Maybe you should try making yourself a consultant. What I mean is that you may have to discover what you are passionate about and work towards being the best in that area.

This most likely means that you will need experience and that means that you may have to be an employee for a while. Also, consider getting the required certifications and licenses needed for your chosen field, decide on your goals, research and choose your target market.

So go out there and keep applying for those jobs and go through the earlier mentioned steps, not forgetting to set targets.

5. Relax

As difficult as this may seem it remains the best thing to do while staying positive. Do not put undue pressure on yourself. As long as you carry out the necessary steps in achieving career growth, the only other thing you need is time. So, relax and be sure to have warm baths regularly!

I hope that with these few tips I have been able to reposition you towards continuing on your path to career growth. Sometimes, we need to be motivated. I am carrying on with my career growth, are you? Please feel free to share your thoughts and other suggestions on staying positive and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for regular and exclusive updates.