Getting your first interview can be a daunting task. I will be sharing a few tips that helped me and some people I know at some point after school get to the interview stage. With the growing rate of unemployment, it is only fair to give out tips that may have worked for us or someone we know. Please be sure to note that these tips will most likely apply for entry-level positions.

1. Prepare your Resume

This is the initial stage that will eventually lead you to the interview stage. There are several websites that help with creating a good resume. A resume is a summary of your background, skills, education and prior job experience where necessary.

Since these tips mainly apply to entry-level jobs, it is expected that your resume should be a “summary” indeed. Try to make it captivating, concise and in line with the job responsibilities expected of the job you intend to apply to.

Ensure that at least two people proofread this document for you to avoid errors.

2. Do not wait for a job opening

This is the part I love the most. You do not have to wait for a job opening before you make heads way. Make an extensive list of companies you will love to work at. You should most likely select nothing less than 30 companies.

This is because it is generally expected that after applying to these companies, there should be positive feedbacks from at least five companies.

3. Research

The next thing you should consider doing is to research on each company. Understand its values, beliefs, culture, structure, people and whether it is in line with what you expect. You certainly want to be in a company that motivates you.

Try to also research on who to address your email to when you decide to send your resume. Also, research on what the responsibilities of the intended job entail. This will help you prepare a good email as we shall discuss soon.

4. Send Out Your Resume

At this stage, you should have discovered who to address your email to. If you do not get this information on the company’s website, then simply address it to the Human Resource (“HR”) department. Remember that you will be sending out 30 resumes to 30 different companies of your interest. You will also send out these resumes to the company’s email address provided on its website usually under the career section and copy any other email address you find on the company’s website.
Along with this, prepare a beautifully written email to attach your resume to, explaining to the HR department/personnel why you are a good fit for the company. Make sure it is brief and convincing.

5. Stay Positive

Lastly, stay positive and wait for responses. I know that this seems like a lot of work but it is worth a try.

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