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Do you often think of some of the life problems we face as humans, better put adults? We all go through some form of obstacles in life.

Growing up, we watched cartoons that ended with: “and they lived happily ever after…” At least, I did. Naturally, we bought into the idea of never having any worries. We grew older, faced and still face a number of life challenges and find it somewhat difficult to navigate. But this shouldn’t be.

Do you think that if we were taught from a young age that adversity was a common thing with living we’d have learned to solve life issues easily?

As human beings, we are always looking to solve problems which have led to a number of inventions like electricity, internet, technology, etc. However, what’s most challenging is solving problems with our personal lives and dealing with our minds.

In this article, you’ll find two common life problems and how we can go about solving the issue. I’ll be sharing these as a ‘series’ where we discuss two life problems we could encounter. As expected, these are some challenges we could all face and solutions. It’s a process.

1. Feeling Stressed

Everyone has felt stress at one point or the other. At work. Home. In our daily lives. Some have argued that stress can be a good thing but generally, it’s important to reduce your level of stress as much as possible.

How can you go about this to feel more relaxed? First, you have to identify why you are feeling stressed. Are you feeling stressed about work-related tasks? Is your boss a stressor or is it a colleague? Family stressing you out? Finances?

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Once you are able to identify what exactly is your stressor, you can then figure out how to address it. On the other hand, did you know that technology is part of a stressor?

Frequent use of the internet can begin to feel stressful. Sometimes we tend to feel superhuman with tendencies of being workaholics which is why we always have to check our habits routinely.

It’s more interesting to enjoy the ride that life has to offer and make the best out of it. On a more serious note though, taking steps on cutting down time spent on the internet and basically living life in the real world is important.

It’s okay to still feel like a ‘normal’ human being with sometimes no internet use! To focus more on areas of growth that affect you as an individual. Interact more with people in the real world and have those human connections. Spend some time reading a book, watching a movie, making a quick dinner. Basically, spending more alone time.

Why feel overworked? Life can be less stressful once we decide to set our priorities right and that’s where I’ll want my mind to be, you?

2. Not achieving your goal

It can feel defeating to realize that you haven’t achieved your goals. The feeling of failure begins to creep in especially at this time of the year when you’ll soon start seeing posts like: “What have you achieved this year? The year is coming to an end!”

Have you ever written down your goals? Did you find that you achieved some of those goals? Or did you find that somehow you managed to move towards a better direction?

Could there be a psychological impact to writing your goals? The answer is YES. There is more to writing down your goals.

Neuroscientists explain that if you actually want to achieve your goals, you should write them down because it helps with external storage and encoding. Encoding takes cognition and so to an extent you subconsciously work toward your goal.

The best way to go about this, however, is to ensure that you are writing SMART goals. For example, a SMART goal can be: “I want to be in a Senior Account Manager role working in XYZ  company by August 2019.”

It doesn’t have to be a goal that you are hundred percent sure about. But it’s a step in the right direction once it’s written. And at least, you’ll mentally be wired to work towards that direction. It’s better than wishing for something and taking no steps.

As I have now come to understand, all your goals don’t have to be met/ achieved at once. Sometimes, writing these goals of yours is meant to direct you toward a better path and something more intriguing to pursue. Furthermore, working towards a goal in one repeated way can be detrimental. Have you tried doing something a little uncommon?

If the same old style isn’t working out, try a different strategy!

For instance, if you’ve been trying to build your network and have found events/ conferences a little daunting, have you tried one-on-ones via LinkedIn? Or have you tried reaching out to old colleagues at places you worked at in the past? You can grow your network that way you know? Better still, you can start by growing your network in your current place of employment, some things take time naturally.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Quote is largely attributed to -Albert Einstein

Most importantly, implement the practice of writing your goals! And this can also lead to another life problem which could be not meeting your career plan/ growth. I want to think that this can be linked to reaching a goal.

Let me know what you think about these two points and how you’ve solved similar issues in the past. Share your opinion in the comment section. Remember to subscribe to the blog to receive exclusive updates and information right in your inbox!