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Walking home on my way after work a few weeks ago, a little lonely, I couldn’t help but hum ‘All my Friends‘ by Snakehips, Tinashe and Chance The Rapper for over 10 minutes as I inched closer to the Subway station. Then I thought it was about time to listen to the song in depth.

I took out my phone, opened the Spotify app and scrolled down to one of my favorite songs, at least at that moment (because honestly, I love any pop music!). I felt this calmness in my soul afterward and actually felt happy to be all alone.

I’m more of an introvert but most likely an ambivert, like I’ve said in the past and even though many times I enjoy and love my own company, some other times I do feel a bit lonely. And I don’t say that because I want sympathy but because I just want to be real with you and let you know how lonely the journey to following your dreams can feel on some days.

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I don’t have this lonely feel every single day, that would mean I’m a loner. And I actually do have friends that I share other interests with. The challenge is when my goals don’t typically align with theirs and so I have to go on my own path, mostly scrambling all the way.

I’m of the opinion that you can’t force someone to love the same things you love. Everyone has their interests and then again, some aren’t that heavy on the internet. And most of what I do involves being heavy on the internet.

Zinny Factor is turning two, it’s making me feel so nostalgic and I’ve also been thinking a bit. I’m really grateful because so many times I’ve wanted to give up on this platform but for some reason I find so much fulfillment knowing that I have my own passion project.

When I started creating content, I thought no one will be interested in it.

Career path feeling lonely - Zinny Factor

You can overcome feeling lonely on your journey!

How have I survived?

When I initially started blogging, I wanted it to be about something I was passionate about and interested in. I knew that I can be quite reserved so I wanted to write about something that I can always include a personal touch to every once in a while but still have my privacy.

“It had to be writing about work-life in general!” I told my husband who at the time, was my boyfriend.

I have never been much of a fashionista and I have a terrible habit of chewing my fingernails so in no way could I start to write about beauty. Let’s not get into the aspect of makeup, because I’m stuck in the year 2000. But I loved to write and tell stories, it was just a matter of knowing what to write about.

When I eventually stuck with ‘workplace blog’ I found that there weren’t many people writing in such areas and I struggled with having a support system. I kept studying the art of blogging, tried several things to get people’s attention and also included video contents because my niche was just in another zone and I knew that I had to be creative!

Eventually, I got frustrated and almost gave up. Some folks told me that if I wanted to be successful, I had to write about regular things like some popular bloggers. But I told myself that I just had to keep making tweaks and keep being consistent.

Why have I continued?

After listening to some advice, I didn’t just discard their thoughts, rather, I decided to spice up my blog. I created a more relaxing feel and decided to maintain my personality. The truth is that I can’t be someone else, but me.

It pays more to separate the wheat from the chaff, no matter how painful the words of some people may seem.

So I started incorporating a bit of my personality, telling my own stories and chose to damn the consequences. I’ve continued to follow my dreams of telling stories about a worker’s life in diverse forms.

How do I keep going?

When I get to that space of feeling lonely on this journey, I just blank out. I try to stay off every distraction or anything that will make me seem like I’m in a competition. I reconnect with my family. Of course, this includes my husband, immediate family, and close friends.

Secondly, as much as I can, when I’m hanging out with friends, you’ll rarely find me on the internet except we’ve decided to share something. I try to understand that those few hours we spend together are valuable and shouldn’t be spent without human connection. This goes a long way in reminding me that I’m not alone.

Family is everything

No matter how slow my blogging/ creative career might seem on some days because I have a wonderful husband that supports me, that keeps me going. I won’t even sugar coat things, he is my motivation.

I might not have someone that shares the same goals as I do or someone to hold me accountable. I don’t necessarily have a mentor that can show me the path to creating a successful blogging career, but fortunately for me, that’s where my husband, Allen comes into play. And that’s what I want to share in this article.

Sometimes, many of us aren’t too lucky to have friends that share the same goals, or a mentor to show us the path. But you will always have just one person who is always willing to listen. And from listening, they can give you directions in situations that don’t seem too obvious, simply because they listened.

This can be your friend, family member, spouse, child, you name it! It’s up to you to discover who this person is and be satisfied with that.

I’ve continued doing what I love to do via this platform because family means everything to me and I see you readers/ viewers as my family. When I can, I try to network, meet people; but of course, there has to be a relationship going which takes some time.

This post is geared towards my career as a creative. But honestly, you can apply these tips to pretty much every other aspect of your life and your full-time career. This is also a good place to find everyday motivation and inspiration to keep you going.

If you’ve noticed, I’m gradually turning this platform into something bigger, but you can always expect that from time to time, I’ll get personal and of course, despite whatever article I publish here, you’ll always have a bit of my story because I believe that life experience and sharing is the best way for us to learn from each other.

Thank you for two years of publishing content on this website and on all other social media accounts which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Let’s keep staying connected.

Share below, have you ever felt lonely in any aspect of your life or career? How were you able to manage that feeling?

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