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At the live session, I shared my story, four reasons why you should consider having a side hustle and 30 side hustles for full-time workers. The guide is free and I also shared an extra 4 side hustles. Download it now!

Despite how busy your full-time job may be, these hustles can be accommodated into your schedule and will help you discover another part of you that you’ve been in search of. If you missed my Instagram live session, here is a quick recap:

  • A side hustle helps provide you with a passive income
  • It gives you a sense of fulfillment knowing that you have a passion project
  • Side hustling can help you start up your business if you’ve got an entrepreneurial mindset
  • It can be a form of security and help with a career change

I’ll also be sharing different tips on side hustling that will be of interest to you, more like — ‘side hustle series’. In this day and age, it’s important for workers to have other things we do outside our full-time jobs for a number of reasons.

It’s no doubt that it can be difficult to discover your side hustle so in this post, I’ll share tips on how to discover one.

How to Discover Your Side-Hustle - Zinny Factor

It should be something you enjoy doing!

Think about your hobbies

As a full-time worker, you really want a side hustle that you’ll enjoy. What’s the fun and fulfillment if you end up hating your side hustle? You certainly don’t want your side hustle to become a chore. So a great way to discover your side hustle is to write out all the things you love to do.

Ask yourself this question: if money wasn’t an issue, what will I be happy doing?

The good part of all this is that you already have a full-time job that pays most of your bill, so keep financial issues out of this for starters and worry about whether this side hustle you are about to embark on is one of your hobbies.

Take a cue from your day job

If you are thinking of having a side hustle as a full-time worker, you should actually have some aspects of your full-time job that interests you. Many people try to use a side hustle as a form of distraction from their day job because they hate it. While this may work for you, it’s not advisable.

You want to use your side hustle as a source of passive income. If you hate your job, try finding another one or better still go the entrepreneurial route. The point from all of this is to discover those tiny aspects of your job that you enjoy and then make a side hustle out of it.

No doubt, you can use your side hustle as a means towards your goal of starting a business, but don’t use it as a form of distraction so that you don’t loathe your full-time job or become too unproductive in it.

Note that this tip doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone because your industry might be on the opposite end of your side hustle.

Don’t stop at your first idea

Discovering your side hustle is a process that’s not worth rushing into. Take your time. Don’t stop at your first idea, keep trying over until you finally discover what you’ll want to do during your spare time.

I’ve tried a whole lot of side hustles and I still try out others from time to time, because there is no rule that says you must have only one side hustle. The only tip is that you should master one, be sure you are not into it and then possibly move on.

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Consider the time available to you

Consider whether the free time you have is enough to perform your side hustle. Don’t start a side hustle because it’s a great one to try! Start one that actually works with your schedule and is feasible.

So if you work from Monday to Friday, maybe you can take advantage of Saturdays for your side hustle. If not, you could try out two hours every day to spend some time on your hustle. Either way, ensure that you are able to devote some time to building your side hustle.

It should create a value

This is one of the reasons why your hustle should be something you have interest in. As much as your side hustle should be something you have a passion for, it should also create value for someone otherwise no one might be willing to pay you for it.

Initially, it can be a tussle to figure out whether you can create value. What you should bear in mind is the fact that what you intend to do should be something that solves a problem, no matter how little.

For example, if you love selling things and you discover that in your neighborhood there are several children with not many candy shops, you can decide to start selling candies from door to door. You will be creating value for the neighborhood because there is a need for it. This might be small scale but goes a long way!

So think of your hobbies and figure out a way to solve a problem around you. If you discover that the market is saturated, you can try niching it down.

Test the waters and be patient

Finally, nothing good comes easy most times. You have to put in hard and smart work and exercise patience. Most successful people share stories of how they had to put in work and effort. Try pro bono work at the beginning to know if your side hustle is what people need.

This will help you tweak things if necessary or if needed, you can change your plans.

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Have you discovered your side hustle? Share what it is and how you discovered it.

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