Trends to look out for in the job market

Finding work now is categorically different to finding work twenty or thirty years ago. Heck, it’s even different to finding work a decade or so ago! The job market is always changing, meaning the way we find work changes with it.

So, what about if we look to the future? What job market trends should we be aware of if we need to find work in the years to come. Well, here are some common trends that seem to be more and more relevant as we speak.

On-Demand Work

It feels like life has become this giant ‘on-demand’ bubble. We have TV shows on-demand, and now a lot of places are hiring employees on-demand too. The premise behind this is that you only work when you’re needed.

We see this in so many different industries throughout the world. There are loads of sites offering marketing and accounting freelance jobs these days – they’re two of the most common industries where on-demand work is common.

But, the healthcare industry is also seeing a rise in locum tenens work too. This is where a qualified doctor steps in when they’re needed, and doesn’t hold a primary role in a medical practice. They find a locum tenens staffing agency and get notified when they’re needed to step in and fill a role.

It’s this type of work that I think we’ll see more and more of in the years to come. Companies will cut their losses and start paying people when they need them. It’s already happening and will get even more relevant.

Flexible Working Days

The typical 9-5 working day is on its last legs already. I imagine we’ll see it slowly ease out, and a new flexible working day will be brought in. People will be able to work different shifts, from different locations, and work in a way that suits them more.

So, you can still be hired for a full-time job, but you might work from home for half the week, or start your Mondays at 10:00 AM, your Tuesdays at 11:00 AM, and your Wednesdays at 8:00 AM. These staggered starts have already been used all over Europe to try and combat rush hour traffic. We may see more of this in the future, meaning you need to adapt yourself to the climate. If you want to find a job in the next decade or so, you must be prepared to be flexible.

More Specialist Jobs

In the future, there will be way more specialist jobs out there for people with specific skills. Mainly, I’m looking at technology here. New technology gets introduced all the time, and people need help using it in their industry.

This paves the way for loads of new jobs that probably haven’t even been invented yet. So, my tip to you is to learn a skill and dedicate your time to it so you can get a specialist job in the future!

Now, I could be completely wrong with all these trends as they’re just my predictions! However, they’re based on trends that are already occurring. I think it’s important to think about the future job market as it helps us learn how to apply for jobs and what to expect as the world around us changes.

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*This is a collaborative post.