3 Things about Career Changes

Career changes many times sound daunting, but it’s a step that thousands of people feel the need to take. It’s a decision that is relatively simple to understand; after all, you’re going to spend a huge amount of your life at work, so you might as well be happy while doing it.

Despite how worrying the prospect of completely overhauling your career might sound, it is a more plausible option than many people expect. There are three key realities to a career switch decision that have to be taken into account before you make the leap for yourself.

These facts are detailed below, so if you’re considering a career change, you’re going to want to read on.

Career changes are becoming more common

Career changes may once have been rare, but they are becoming more and more common — so you don’t need to worry about having to explain your choices to recruiters in the future. There is more of an understanding of why people want to change career now, so be reassured that you won’t spend the rest of your career having to justify your choice.

When I initially switched my career, I found it difficult to explain but over the course of time I would eventually explain why and I noticed that many recruiters understood that I wanted to do something I was passionate about in the long term.

You won’t necessarily have to work and retrain at the same time

The idea of having to retrain for a new career all while juggling an existing day job is an issue that puts many people off pursuing a career change. You barely have enough time as it is, so how could you possibly overload your schedule in such a way?

Well, in some occupations, you don’t have to. Many companies offer “train on the job” schemes that allow you to earn a good wage even as a novice, and work with that company towards your qualification.

There is the possibility to start out as an intern, work your way through and possibly get retrained. That’s the route I see many take. Also, you can take some short contract jobs, learn on the job and build your experience gradually. You just have to take advantage of whatever is available to you and make the most out of it.

Some of the companies that offer these schemes are for jobs you might have never considered before: civil service jobs, for example, are often pay-as-you-earn, while truckers are also frequently trained in this way, so you’ll be wanting to ask yourself: “how do I find trucking companies near me?”

If you like the idea of life on the open road! As well as trucking, other companies that offer pay-as-you-learn schemes include jobs in the prison industry, tech companies, and PR agencies, so it’s definitely worth looking around for such a scheme near you.

There’s no limits to how many times you can change career

One of the reasons that many people hold themselves back from a career change is because they worry: “what if I don’t like my new career any more than I like the one I’m already doing?”

While this is undoubtedly a risk, it’s worth remembering that you’re not limited in the career changes you can undertake. If you don’t like your new career, you can move back to your old one, or try something completely different.

There are no limitations on what you can do. Your options are always flexible, so don’t feel pressured to choose the perfect career this time. There are several resumes I’ve been opportune to see and what I’ve noticed is that there’s always a pattern whether or not they were in different career paths.

For example, I studied law and had the opportunity to work in some employment cases. When I switched my career from law to human resources, I leveraged on my strengths from my previous career and was able to show this pattern of interest in employment or human resources issues in my resume. So study your previous career and discover your pattern!

In conclusion

Whether you decide to go ahead and make a career change or stay in your existing job, you should now be aware of the base facts regarding a change of job. Whatever you choose to do in the future, good luck!

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