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You read that right! you can take advantage of technology in your job search. If one of your goals this year is to get a new job, especially one that you love and is in line with your passion, then this post is for you.

Although there is the discussion of how technology has affected employment, it is still possible to get a job of choice by taking advantage of technology. This article will help you discover how you can go beyond the traditional job application methods to gain employment.

Revamp your LinkedIn profile

If you are yet to have a LinkedIn profile, that’s a bit worrisome, but it’s not too late to get on board. LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects you with countless recruiters and potential employers.

Carry out a quick search for the type of job you want, pick about two top job descriptions you can find. Using these job descriptions, identify common keywords depending on your industry and then use these keywords to revamp your LinkedIn profile.

Of course, don’t forget to have a professional picture and avoid typos. Also, include other information that may not fit into your traditional resume for added exposure. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to connect with users and apply for jobs.

How to Take advantage of Technology for Job Search

Take advantage of other social media accounts

We’ve all seen tweets where people begin a job search campaign by stating their qualifications and request users to retweet as their employer may be on their timelines.

While having traditional qualifications isn’t enough to get a job in the modern world, if this is at the very least your last resort, you should update your bio to read something captivating and professional.

If you are using Twitter, your tweets should depict the skills you want to showcase or market. If Instagram, your pictures should do justice to your proposed employer and likewise Facebook.

So many people are beginning to take advantage of these platforms for business opportunities, but you can also use it for employment. Don’t be afraid to send a direct message to a company’s account and avoid typos as much as possible.

Make use of your phone

Technology has made things easier and you can now apply for job opportunities using a phone. Create and save a mobile-friendly version of your resume so that you can always apply for job opportunities when you don’t have a computer.

Subscribe or create automatic email alerts. Subscribe to job websites and select the option to get notified of similar job opportunities of your choice. This will save you the stress of having to do multiple searches.

Build your brand

Very often on job descriptions, we find that several employers are requesting for previous experience. But how can you have this experience when you’ve not been given an opportunity?

Creating a website is a good way to supplement your resume and show proof of experience. Depending on what your career goal is, try to start documenting it as much as possible on your website. Remember to include your website link to your resume.

If you are unable to afford a website, then you may also take advantage of a social media platform that fits your industry for starters.

Don’t forget to apply directly to various company websites of your choice. Getting a job isn’t an easy task, but hopefully, these tips will help make it an easier process. Did you enjoy this article or do you have other tips to share? Please share in the comment section and let’s start a conversation!

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