Over time, one thing that has been understood about the job market and workplace, in general, is that many people are in fear. Fear of losing their jobs. The fear of not being good enough for a job or being incompetent.

There is also the fear of failing to meet deadlines. Fear of asking for a raise or a promotion. And if you’re an employee, sometimes the fear of what your employer thinks about you.

The job market is fierce and in this day and age, competition has never been greater. Businesses are evolving due to the changes in multiple technologies and the huge internet penetration.

This means that employers are more than ever searching for the right resources who can apply these technologies. The truth remains that technology might have reduced the number of opportunities in the job market, but humans will need to make use of these technological tools for it to function.

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Working in the IT industry has opened my eyes to certain realities in the job market. Employers are actively searching for qualified resources who can make use of certain niche tools. Most often than not, the complaint is that there aren’t enough qualified candidates.

Yes, there are areas of specialization that have been oversaturated, but there remain areas that are yet to be explored as innovative technology is not only creating new jobs but can also provide efficient ways to find them.

In such situation where qualified candidates are hard to find, a position may have to be outsourced, or candidates are hired to work out from countries with cheaper labor.

This then poses the question: “What does your employer think or want of you?”

Many people are under the impression that their employer or boss is constantly thinking of what they are doing. Thinking of whether this employee is valuable or not.

Many of us fail to remember that our employers are human beings that have personal issues alongside organizational matters to handle.

We think that our employers are regularly looking through the window of their offices and deliberating whether to fire an employee. This may be the case, after all, we’ve heard stories of some employers whose behaviors are distressful.

However, we all need to remember that our bosses or those at the managerial level, have the sole purpose of improving the business, staying in business and increasing revenue with minimum cost.

Therefore, this means that they are thinking of what’s best for the business and not necessarily you as an individual. It’s really important that we take off this egoistic view and consider what’s most important: the business.

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So merely spending hours at work in return for your salary isn’t enough anymore because, for every job that requires human hours, a person out there is working on technology to reduce the time required to do that task which will, in turn, make you either more productive or redundant.

It can be implied that your employer expects you to continuously look out for technology that might affect your job position and work towards improving your skills in that area. This is why most employers send out their staff for various training, so take advantage of this if it’s available to you.

It’s also expected that you are consistently thinking of how to be creative even on your job because the skills you learned several years ago in school might become obsolete after a while.

You have to keep thinking because the world and job market is consistently evolving as change is the only constant thing in life.

This is why Futurpreneur Canada has launched www.workischanging.ca  an online resource where you can gain a better understanding of how global events in politics, economics, and technology are impacting employment and entrepreneurship in Canada.

The goal of this online resource hub is to create national awareness of the critical issues concerning employment and shift current attitudes towards entrepreneurship where necessary. I will encourage you to check out www.workischanging.ca on a regular basis for informative content.

Depending on your current job or industry, you might need to retrain to remain relevant. Otherwise, if you’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, now is the time to take this big leap.

The other day, I had an intense chat with my colleague on this issue. We both came to the conclusion that many people go the entrepreneurial route because it keeps them thinking of innovative ways to improve their business. Especially as a result of what is changing in the society since they’ll have to juggle a lot.

A typical example is me, as I explained in this previous post, I’ve made up my mind to be both an employee and a creative entrepreneur at this point in time. This necessarily results in me consistently thinking of creative and innovative ways to serve my readers, viewers, and clients.

On the other hand, being an employee depending on your company and industry may streamline you to a certain skill set. So it’s important that you regularly visit www.workischanging.ca because indeed work isn’t the same as we were told some years ago.

You should also visit their Infographic page which details how the world of work has evolved over the years and what you should expect in the future. It’s a great resource.

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