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If you’re being completely honest with me, I’m sure you’ve rolled your eyes a number of times giving the number of phone-inspired posts I’ve been publishing lately.

Let me refresh your memory with these two: there’s the one about no more phone distractions and a recent one that touches the topic of having phone phobia at work and how to overcome it. Then we created a short movie that talked about our addiction to phones.

I’ve been dwelling on this because the invention of the internet, social media, and phones.. oh, I mean, smartphones have really changed a lot of things in the world as we know it today.

So when I got the opportunity to partner with Caseapp, I was particularly excited because if we’re going to be worried about the use of phones, laptops, etc., in our daily lives, as well as in the workplace, then we might as well protect the ones we currently own and make it fancy if you are about that life.

A Brief Overview of Caseapp

If you’ve never heard of Caseapp, I’ll forgive you since you were curious enough to read this post. Caseapp is a company that makes it easy for people to order custom designed products online.

Caseapp provides custom iPhone case, phone cases, as well as laptop skin and you also have the option to choose from their designs.

Caseapp Giveaway - Zinny Factor

Loving my Caseapp laptop skin and phone case!

My Initial Reaction

When I first discovered this brand I was excited, because since I’m not much of a gadget lover, it means that the ones I currently own need a bit more love. That’s a new phone case and laptop skin for great protection!

So you can imagine my excitement when the folks at Caseapp gave the hint of a collaboration. I was eager to partner with this brand because not only was I going to receive a custom case for my phone and laptop, but after this post, one lucky reader will get to win one free product from the Caseapp website.

Isn’t that amazing?!

Why I Recommend this Brand: Caseapp

In their words, this brand guarantees “insanely amazing print quality, prints on all sides, protects your phone or laptop and you also have the option to choose between glossy or matte cases.”

Their laptop skins are made of an adhesive sticker, protects against scratches, is easy to change and leaves no residue. And you also get to personalize your device.

I completely agree because I’ve been fortunate enough to test their products. I decided to make a custom case for my phone and laptop. For the laptop, it was pretty easy because I just wanted to go ahead with my brand name: Zinny Factor.

I found the process simple to navigate and it was seamless.

My phone was a whole lot tricky because I wanted it to be more personal and as you’ve noticed, I can be so indecisive sometimes. It took over three hours and I finally decided to use one of my pictures and add my logo.

You guys know that I take a lot of pictures, so that was another daunting task. Caseapp gives you the option of uploading your picture, using text, shapes, etc. It’s such an exciting experience shopping on their website. Check out was also easy.

The prices of their products are also so affordable for the quality.

I visited a Chiropractor recently because that’s what adults do *sigh* and one of the things she recommended is to hold cell phones closer to the head and eye to prevent one from bending the head downwards.

The reason is that it’s not a good posture for your neck, back, and could result in long-term issues. With the Caseapp phone cases, you can be sure that you’ll be so proud to hold up your phone for the world! I’m speaking from my experience and I’m sure you want the same for yourself.

Overall, my experience with this brand was phenomenal and I’m so happy to have collaborated with Caseapp. Let’s get down to the giveaway, shall we?!

Giveaway – Closed

I’m excited to be hosting this giveaway. The rules for this giveaway is simple.

  1. Complete my short quick survey
  2. Leave your first name and email in the last question comment box.

I will randomly select a winner. All readers can use my 20% discount code to shop on

The winner will receive a code to purchase any product of choice (phone case or laptop skin) on Caseapp website. The winner is to make use of standard free shipping to receive the product.


I have another collaboration with Caseapp. This is the 20% discount code to shop on the Caseapp website: ZINNY20. This code expires on 28 July 2018. Happy shopping!

Let me know below, what do you think about my custom phone case and laptop skin? Did I make a good selection?

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*This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are mine and this post was written by me.