Immigrant's Story

While contemplating becoming an immigrant in Canada, I decided to move for several reasons and if I’m being honest, I had to consider whether my career will still be in line. 

Thankfully, I was already certain that I didn’t want to go ahead with practicing law so that was out of the way – no need for re-evaluation, articulation, re-examination, re-qualification and believe me, I was excited.

But choosing a career also bothered me a great deal. I didn’t want to start one that I will detest, another life where I feel trapped in a career that I didn’t enjoy and I knew would dwindle in the long run. One where I felt like I wasn’t making use of my passions and talents.

I had sworn that I was at least going to try to get it right this time around. I was going to do anything and everything humanly possible and within my ability to ensure that I followed whatever the hell was my true calling because I was just as confused.

So I went ahead with Human Resources Management for a number of reasons, not minding the arguments that people had expressed in the past especially the one about robots taking our jobs. Next thing on my list was to find out if there were actually human resources jobs in this new country I planned to live in.

After doing countless research, I discovered a lot in the job market in Canada. But something quite caught my fancy – it was the increase in job vacancies. I was excited, especially as someone coming from another country. I said to myself: “Wow…there are jobs that I can actually work towards doing!”

It was good to know, trust me!

In fact, in the second quarter of 2016, according to Statistics Canada:

“The overall job vacancy rate rose 0.4 percentage points to 2.9%. Increases in job vacancies were broadly based across provinces and industrial sectors.”

But guess what?

The largest number of job vacancies are in sales and service occupations. And if we are all being truthfully open, not everyone is cut out for this. We all have our differences and unique ideas that we possibly want to implement.

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We all have dreams that we’ve had all through our childhood days. Don’t tell me that I’m the only person that has the wildest imaginations of what I want to accomplish?

You must have noticed that work isn’t traditional anymore.

Growing up, I was fed the idea of working full-time in an organization and doing a specific thing. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure what adults did but that’s not the discussion for now.

Changing Job Market, An Immigrant's Story

An immigrant worker!

Presently, it so happens that jobs that used to be everyone’s go to, have now been outsourced to countries with cheaper labor or taken over by technology. E.g manufacturing companies now outsource their productivity.

Secondly, business personnel that used to use excel spreadsheets now make use of powerful software that require fewer people to handle. This means that a position that could have required 4 people in the past, will now need just one person to get the job done.

In fact, according to recent research:

“For every job that has been lost in the goods sector, since 2001, about 30 jobs have been created in service industries.”

Evidently, work is changing and I’ve noticed this. So when Futurpreneur Canada reached out to me for this campaign, I was particularly excited because this is an area of work that affects me even as an immigrant.

It’s something I’ve thought about over the course of my stay in Canada. I’ve had chats with my colleagues, friends, and anyone who cares to listen to this issue. And it will only have been unfair for me to avoid sharing this information with you.

Futurpreneur Canada has launched  an online resource where you can gain a better understanding of how global events in politics, economics, and technology are impacting employment and entrepreneurship in Canada.

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Their goal is to create national awareness of the critical issues concerning employment and shift current attitudes towards entrepreneurship for those who are interested in starting a business. I will encourage you to check out for informative content.

While this change in work affects everyone, as an immigrant worker, this means two things: retrain or become an entrepreneur. I’ve chosen to go with both presently. I’m working towards continuing education for my profession, while also working on other areas of my interest which is this platform.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and share how the changing market has affected you. You can also read this post on what your employer thinks about you

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*This is a collaborative post; however, all opinions are mine and this post was written by me.