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Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t understand the whole concept of the 9-5 life too. I’m like, who the hell thought this was worth it? How did they come to accept this?

Whoever the ‘they’ is or are.

How was this even the drill and how does it continue to be?

Don’t ever think I’ve got it all figured out. For Christ’s sake, I’m a millennial and I figure the whole ‘misconception’ applies to me too. Millennials can’t sit still. Millennials are impatient. Millennials this. Millennials that. 

Bla Bla.

I hear it almost on a daily. And I’ve had some people refer to me that way too. Maybe not directly, but it can be implied because I can obviously tell. But that’s not the point. It most likely applies to me, after all, I just recently hit my mid-twenties and if I’m being honest, I still don’t know what that life is all about.

On some abnormal days, I question myself: “Why exactly do I write so much work related stuff posts?”

I’ve had people ask me the same question and I often can’t find the right answer to give on such days. I guess it’s just therapeutic for me because I still struggle with fitting into the workforce on some days.

I enjoy solving my personal challenges at work and when I think I’ve reached a breaking point, writing about it actually helps calm my tensed nerves. It’s also a way for me to document and see how much I’ve grown.

It’s a win-win situation because I want to believe it also inspires you, my reader.

The fact that these days I’ve started to see myself as a creative entrepreneur makes matters worse for me and doesn’t make things easier on my part. It means that I can view things from both sides of the coin.

I see the good. I see the bad.

There are days I love the 9-5 lifestyle. I enjoy it. I feel that I’m creating value. I love the perks, the benefits. My team is great too. I love getting to go to the office, do my own part and then just clock out!

I like that I can go home to my own personal stuff: blog, vlog, whatever. These days, so many things are on my radar. I just love the fact that I can actually have kind-of-like the best of both worlds if I do say so myself.

Let’s call it a bit of freedom!

Employee or entrepreneur

There are equally days I hate it. Let me use a more subtle term: dislike it. At least, it’s always good to see the positive in everything, right? I tend to dislike it on some days particularly because I’m not much of a morning person.

On such gloomy days, I just want to sleep in and wake up much later. With the nature of my current job, I can’t really work from home frequently, and you know how as humans we seem to want what we don’t have.

Or better put, we want to feel like we have other options.

Oh, and there are the days I simply don’t want anyone telling me what to do or how to do something. Because I completely feel it can be done in a different way and faster too. No need for approvals. You could save us some time for goodness sake.

I’m probably just blabbing in this post, but if you’re like me, you get the gist. This love-hate relationship for the 9-5 has to be real. I can’t be the only one that feels this way. Am I?

But if we are being sincere, becoming an entrepreneur isn’t all that easy either. There are days when I find it difficult to take a break from whatever personal project I have. This is where I seem to love the 9-5 life. I can afford to leave work behind and figure it out the next day.

It’s not the same when I’m in blogging or vlogging mode. Sometimes when I’m not in my most creative state I get so frustrated which can be so silly when I eventually make out time to think of my actions.

If you’ve read this post to this point, by now you know that I don’t have any substantial solution. I’m still getting a hold of this love-hate relationship with my 9-5.

What has helped me so far is this comment section I recently discovered on the internet. The question asked was: what’s working at a 9-5 office really like? The responses were really intriguing and will inspire you if that’s what you need. If you have some time, check it out!

Another thing that keeps me going is the fact that life is all about taking chances, I just hit my mid-twenties, I think I still have some time to figure this thing out. You should think that way too.

Let this not be about me alone, do you have a love-hate relationship with your 9-5? How have you handled it so far? Please share in the comment section below. I love it when I hear back from you, so do leave a comment behind!

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