Entrepreneur misunderstanding

Entrepreneurs, are a different breed to most. We are conflicting and conflicted characters, and so we are incredibly misunderstood. Same applies when you meet a fellow entrepreneur, while there is a kinship in us pulling together as one, ultimately there is a lot of competition and debate on this.

I consider myself a creative entrepreneur as I’ve stated in previous posts and overtime even though I still work a regular 9-5. I’m sure by now you are one of those that consider creatives to be entrepreneurs. And even though in the past I wouldn’t have considered myself to be an entrepreneur, I’ve learned a few tips that I’m going to share.

So, when you think about getting back to your core beliefs as an entrepreneur, especially if you have been worn away by years of stressful dealings, what can you remind yourself of to get back in the game, and to make yourself understood with your fellow workers, clients, and entrepreneurs?

Playing The Game…

This is always more important than winning or losing. A lot of business leaders will tread water for so long, before the business peters away, and if this is you, start thinking about taking more risks in business.

The big entrepreneurs have always been the ones to take a gamble, and so think about this, make your own path in the business world depending on what your passion and goal is.

The Pieces Of The Puzzle…

Now, this is quite an art, but you need to think about the bigger picture. Lots of entrepreneurs gradually slide into the approach of looking after themselves, rather than looking at the bigger picture.

If this is you, start to think about the pieces of the puzzle and how they affect each other. Combining cloud IT solutions in respect to how best to outsource to a specific company, in relation to your IT department or needs can be quite a challenge, but for something as commonplace as this in the overall structure of a business, you need to start thinking about the bigger picture.

This is drastically misunderstood, and lots of employees don’t think about this because they don’t need to think about it. It can be easy for you to get plunged into the idea of trying to please everyone, which is very dangerous. Look at the bigger picture, and keep this firmly in your field of vision.

I find that even as a creative entrepreneur, the bigger picture for me is giving value to my audience and always ensuring that I address issues that they might have via this platform, irrespective of what anyone thinks.

You Are Doing This For Everyone…

Does it need reiterating? It’s not about you! It’s about the whole team, it’s about developing and nurturing talent, it’s about moving together as a unit. As an entrepreneur, it’s very easy to get selfish in your attitudes towards business, because there are lots of risks involved.

If you pick the right talent, this will be the foundation of a fantastic business framework. Pick the wrong people, and your structure will crumble. Be a people person, relationships are the most important thing in every aspect of a business.

And in my own case, it’s always about responding to emails, direct messages, tweets, etc., because my primary aim is to solve challenges that my audience may be going through. It’s my passion and I’ve learned overtime that my audience is my family.


Be it the company, personal growth, or expanding your operation, it should be part of the course. We expect growth of others, and this goes back to the teamwork aspect. If there is growth in every aspect, and people are pushing forward, creating a new glass ceiling to break through, this will result in personal, financial, and developmental growth for your business.

Entrepreneurs are misunderstood creatures. Think about it in this way: growth and development are always about the greater good. So this explains why we can feel that we’ve lost track of this because we are humans. Keep your vision firmly in place, and get back on track.

I really hope this article has inspired you to take some necessary actions. Now I’ll love to hear back from you, how have you been misunderstood as an entrepreneur? Share with me your business and what you do in the comment section.

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*This is a collaborative post.