I’m sure many of you know that I’m in my early twenties at least for now before October approaches and I’ve worked a number of new job(s). At that time, I’d most likely edit this post to read “in my mid-twenties”.

Or maybe not.

No, I won’t.

I want to remember that I really wanted to grow old in the past, get a job, etc. But now, I’ve realized that adulting is not an easy feat. And I want to go back to being a ‘mommy’s girl’.

Or better still, I want to remember my younger days.


Anyway, this means that I can remember most of the new jobs I started or had been involved in at any point in my life.

The internships, in Nigeria and Canada. The part-time jobs in Canada. Part-time jobs are not so common in Nigeria. The culture seems to embrace more of full-time jobs which understandably can be a burden if you want to try out other things.

The legal position I held back in Nigeria.

The first day and only day on my first ever legal job. I eventually left that job to go to another Law firm because it had more career prospects for me at the time. A story for another day!

The blue collar jobs I held in Canada, while I was still finding my bearing. The offline jobs I held at some point or the other, including work from home and temporary positions.

I remember everything like it were yesterday because I’m not so old anyway!

And I guess that’s the beauty of life. The fact that no matter how old you get, some experiences never seem to drift away. Not like you choose to hold on to it, but the memory reminds you of growth in your life.

These experiences make you look back and smile at how far you’ve come in this journey: life.

All of these memories remind me of one thing: my first day on any of these jobs.

I think that’s what I seem to remember the most. They all had different feelings especially depending on the type of job I was going to start. Or the type of people I expected to meet initially.

Because I’m more of an introvert (which I dread and struggle with, but feign not to be), I’ve always seen starting out a new job as very challenging, not even because of the job or duties itself.

But mainly because I’m always in fear of what to expect or how to appear. I don’t want to come off as anti-social which my introversion may pose me to be.

No, I’m not anti-social.

I’m very free and homely after the person at the other end is able to go through with the first words. Sometimes, I try to start out the conversation… I try really hard.

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The good thing is that since I’d be the new person, I don’t necessarily have to begin the conversation. But of course, you know how these things operate and how it can be good to hold a conversation.

Actually, truth is, 50% of the time, I’ve battled and done well with making a good impression at the interview stage, so this first day at the job may be somewhat less tensed up for me.

But then again, the first day and week at a new job are always so overwhelming. Let’s call a spade a spade!

For some time, I’ve had this post in my draft folder and it’s never seemed to be good enough. Now, it does feel right.

I have the feeling that someone needs this post now— this wishy-washy memory of mine.

This unedited rambling of my escapades with new jobs. I initially published a post on  9 Tips to help you become Successful in your New Job and I believe the post is still very apt.

You should read it. Totally worth it!

No one wants to feel like an outcast. I’m of the opinion that irrespective of the type of job you are involved in, or what you need to do, a job is a job. And the first day on any new job can be hard.

But if you are able to go through these initial few days, then you’d be good.

So I thought it was about time I finally published this post where I share how I felt on every new job. I mean, what’s the fun in blogging if I don’t get to share my feelings or expressions through words?

I’m glad this is up on the blog for you. If you’re about starting a new job or have already started one, I want to encourage you to never look down on your ability.

The fears that come with being a newbie will eventually fizzle out, so long as you are willing to learn from your predecessors or older colleagues and put in your best into the game.

Yes, you can!


When you are just starting out a new job, you may feel that time isn’t on your side anymore. You are trying so hard to catch up on new stuff at work. Trying to work your way around it all and struggling to make a good impression.

Don’t worry, it’ll only be a matter of ‘time’ before you get to realize that you are so damn good on the job and know your way around things. And I’m speaking from experience.

This post won’t be complete if you fail to read the previous article on  9 Tips to help you become Successful in your New Job. So read it, I’m sure you’d feel more relaxed on your new job!

If you are new on a job, please let me know how it’s going for you. Are you feeling overwhelmed and what are you doing to combat this?

If you are not, how did you cope with the first few days on your job?

Please share with me (and others) in the comment section. I love reading your thoughts.

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