Several people inspire me in multiple ways that you can’t imagine. I’ve made it my mission to look for inspiration in the deepest of places and weirdest of imaginations.

I’ve had times when I was down and sought for inspiration but couldn’t find it. So I chose to search for it because I was of the opinion that it was a necessity.

I don’t want to be sad. I never want to have such a day in my life, but no doubt these things sure happen.

But if I can avoid it, then I should at least try.

I’ve had days when I see the stillness in life and decide to absorb the beauty in it instead. Those days are my happiest!

So if I must continue to be happy, I must find happiness in any way possible.

I must make it a duty to follow people who inspire me. To learn from them no matter how little.

To decipher good from evil. To choose the good things that a person has to offer and disregard the negative. To seek to constantly be better than I was yesterday.

To make no judgment until I hear what a person has to say. To make no assumptions until I am completely convinced. To see the good in any situation.

To learn from others and improve me knowing that they inspire me. To ensure that I am still as creative as creativity can be.

My loved ones inspire me. When I realize that someone is doing just the opposite, but rather choosing to make me see the negative in life, I opt to shift away.

No one has the will power to determine what my mood should be. That is entirely up to me.

My boss motivates me. My colleagues at work inspire me in several ways. The daily chat that we have out of any topic of discussion opens my mind to something I must have taken for granted in the past.

I try to get inspired out of anything. This also means that I have bloggers that inspire me, but for now I’ll choose to list just four in this post, in no particular order.

I believe that finding inspiration is really important because you get to return to work feeling recharged and ready to achieve anything!

1.  Penelope Trunk

Penelope is a business woman, author, and blogger. Her story and writing inspire me in many ways and it’ll interest you to know that her work focuses on the intersection of work and life.

I remember the first time I came across her blog, I told myself that I wanted to go that direction someday.

I did.

I decided to start making videos as an extension of the blog to actually depict and showcase my long term goals.

Penelope’s career change is another thing that endeared me to her. From professional volleyball to studying English to becoming a full-time writer, to offering career advice, starting up companies, and more.

She may appear to be controversial to some, but I see otherwise and I’m intrigued at her open nature and focal interests and writing.

2. HR Bartender

Sharlyn is an HR pro turned consultant and she created the HR Bartender to start up a friendly place where people can discuss human resources and workplace issues. Just like a bar!

You all know that I recently changed my career to HR and so this blog comes in handy for a newbie in this industry.

I like how personal Sharlyn can be when churning out blog posts and it inspires me to take my HR career goals more seriously.

I also like her consistency and I’m hoping that I get that stable in my blogging/ vlogging career as well.

3. Mark Manson

Mark doesn’t care about political correctness and goes straight to the point while refusing to whitewash his opinions and I like this about him.

I like honest people. People who are sincere. People who are ready to damn the consequences.

He gives life advice and I think this is important as we always need people to inspire us at some point or the other. Most often than not, we know the solutions to our problems and have the answers looking us in the eyes.

But we choose to ignore it.

Mark is that person that lets you acknowledge the truth. That voice that beckons you to go on the right path or direction. Self-help books are always worth it to me!

4. Alexander Kjerulf

Alexander Kjerulf is the creator of The Chief Happiness Officer Blog. I like this blog because it focuses on everything happiness at work.

Who doesn’t want to find happiness at work?

Personally, I always want to be happy and I want to find fulfillment and joy in anything I set my mind to do. I think this blog reminds me of that.

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On his blog, you’d find doable tips and tricks to discover true happiness at work and I like this! For that happy thingy feeling, visit this blog.

Here you go! A few of the bloggers that inspire me. Do you think you need people to inspire you, even if you don’t know them personally?

What bloggers inspire you to be your better self? Please share in the comment section below as I’m always on the look out for inspiring bloggers.

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