I know you might have been in this situation once, twice, or more. Am I right?

We have at least one co-worker that’s always telling us to have a bite! The co-worker points a fork at you. Bite me already! What if I’m allergic to something? These days people are allergic to almost anything, but this co-worker doesn’t think of that. Fortunately, I’m not allergic to anything. I can eat a house, and no, I don’t put on so much weight!

I remember my dad telling me to watch it as I may one day explode as a result of accumulated food. *haha* Really funny. I am a foodie. It used to be just the food I loved so much that I would eat until I could consume no more. Recently, I have learned to try food from several cultures. It took time. I have discovered that there is so much joy in trying out new things and I go food tasting at least once in two weeks.

The other day, I had a conversation with some colleagues and there was this guy who had eaten almost everything. From crocodiles to frogs, birds, horse, toads, rats, snake, dogs, cats, and so on, pretty much name it! I was amazed. Personally, dogs and cats felt a tad bit emotional to me because I believe they are man’s friends. Also, I am a huge lover of dogs and I intend to be a “dog mummy” soon. We owned a dog when I was much younger and I miss those days sometimes.

But hey! Some people eat things we don’t and we have to respect that. We concluded by saying that even non-vegetarians have some type of foods they still can’t have on their plates and it’s the absolute truth, at least for me.

Let me not digress. Back to the topic of this co-worker practically forcing you to try his/ her meal, when honestly, you just want some peace! Sometimes there may be some kind of awkward argument with you trying to rebuff the offer. You are like;

“No, it’s fine. Thanks”

and on the other hand, he/she is saying; ” It’s my special. Are you sure? Try some!”

Sometimes, you just don’t want to eat from another person’s plate, and you don’t want to seem rude or unfriendly. It could also be that you are on a diet plan. I get it.

You don’t need to feel guilty. Here are ways to handle the situation.

How to say "no" to food pushers

How to say “no” to food pushers

1. “I’ll take your word for it”

Tell this co-worker that you trust his/ her judgment. The food is good and you don’t need to have a bite to testify. You absolutely believe him/ her! This should help build some trust. This phrase sends the message across, you really don’t want to try it. Message sent. Case closed. Everyone is happy.

2. “Thanks for the offer, but no thanks”

Smile. Your co-worker means no harm. Some people pull the food pushing string to break the ice at work or start a friendship. Be polite in refusing the offer. If he/ she offers again, maintain your decision. Be firm. I love to add “aww” to the beginning of whatever I intend to say next to refuse the offer. I think it sounds more grateful. *lol* I really do hope it doesn’t sound cheesy. What do you think? Cheesy?

3. Tell your co-worker you had something to eat not too long ago

Of course, you shouldn’t be lying. This particular one works wonders for me. I’d just tell him/her that I had a heavy breakfast because I usually do. I try to eat at least three times in a day so I am mostly stuffed already, except I couldn’t eat for whatever reason. If this is the case for you, then why not be honest? Even if you had just a bite of your lunch, this makes a perfect excuse if you don’t want to have another person’s lunch for any reason.

4. Give reasons

If this co-worker keeps insisting, you could give reasons if it applies to you. This is the best time to say that you have food allergies if you have any. You could also be on a diet plan and this person has to respect your choice. If the person says ;”but one bite won’t hurt.”

You can respond by saying; “yes, but I am trying to work on myself.” or “I am trying to practice commitment and this will affect that.”

Good people love people who stick to plans and are willing to become the best they can be. If this person doesn’t see it this way, it doesn’t make him/her bad, though. *lol* (just saying). It could just be that you have a delicate system and it’s okay to state this. You are not lying, you are being polite and respectful about this.

5. Delay

Tell your colleague that you would try the food in a bit. He/ she would most likely finish it up soon and forget he/ she offered you a bite. You need to keep your fingers crossed on this.

The bottom line is that if you don’t want to appear ungrateful, then you have to role play saying things that make you seem grateful even though you don’t want to have a bite of their meal. You can also respond by saying how nice the food looks or smells (if it in fact does), but of course, you don’t want to have some. It’s totally okay to say no sometimes. It’s okay to not want a taste of another person’s meal for no reason. It’s okay, it’s just your choice!

Let’s hope that the day your co-worker actually brings something you’d love to taste he/she offers you, after all, you’ve been refusing offers in the past. Hopefully, this won’t be the case. If it so happens to be, you could jokingly ask for a bite and remind your colleague that this time you really want a bite. You both would have a laugh!

Have you ever been in such situation? What’s your tactics to get out of it? Would you try any of these suggestions?Please share with us.

Also, if you would want to make the excuse that you have lunch with you, then try out our meal recipes here, here, here and here. You brought your lunch and that would work fine!

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